Help deciding between Pro 6 or subscription

Nope, that’s the standalone pro 6 version only.

Ok thank you.

Is there any way to migrate data from Infuse Pro 5 to Infuse 6 (subscription-based)?

You can move you locally synced files by following these steps.

  1. Ensure you are running 5.9.6
  2. Download Infuse 6 or Infuse Pro 6 from the App Store
  3. Open Infuse 5.9.6, and you’ll see a prompt asking if you want to move your videos to the new app

Sorry I forgot I’m doing it on Apple TV 4k:

So far what I did:

  1. I have Infuse 5 Pro 5.9.6 (2484)
  2. Installed Infuse 6
  3. Went back to Infuse 5 - no prompt

What is the difference between Infuse 6 Pro in the app store for 24.99 and life option for 54.99?

Ah, unfortunately the migration only applies to synced videos on iOS.

Since Infuse 6 uses a new iCloud setup, saved shares and favorites will not sync between Pro 5 and Pro 6.

More info on the differences can be found here.

Ok so,

  1. I just downloaded Infuse Pro 5 for my iPhone.
  2. Synced back from Apple TV 5 Pro - iPhone 5 Pro
  3. Downloaded Infuse 6 on the iPhone
  4. Opened Infuse 5 Pro on the iPhone - no prompt

Am I doing something stupid here? My goal here is to migrate from Infuse 5 Pro to Infuse 6 (subscription-based)

@waldamer Install Infuse 5 Pro App and launch it once, then install Infuse 6 free app and launch it then click the gear tab at the bottom right and choose first menu item to “Learn More” and pick the special discount subscription option on further left.


I think the bundle worked out 1 penny more than the standalone app, but I honestly don’t care, I purchased it anyway.

Thank you very much for continuing to provide the option of a standalone app with no subscription. I know not a lot of developers do anymore and it’s a shame from my perspective, I much prefer purchasing the software out right like this. It was the first thing I thought of when I saw the news that 6 had been released, and I was very pleasantly surprised to see continued support - so again, thank you :slight_smile:

Hi all,
Just thought I would share some thoughts on topic. Yesterday, I also upgraded from infuse 5 pro to a lifetime infuse pro 6 subscription. My thoughts on this are:

  1. With a subscription all future updates are free (eliminating the need to pay for each update, and manually change app versions)
  2. As far as pricing, I got the special upgrade pricing for $39.99 vs $54.99 for lifetime, and IF I had known about lifetime subscription when purchasing 5, I would have done that to save paying for this one. At least, it’s done now, so I won’t have to pay for upgrades going forward now.
  3. Just like Plex Pass, I knew I was going to use the service, so find the option to pay up front, and be done with it nice vs not having another monthly / yearly bill, etc.

As far as tract, I don’t have an account, and don’t currently see the need for it. I do have family sharing enabled for my mother (who lives in a different part of the state), however, it’s mainly so she can share my music purchases, even though she can access other things too. For Movie Sharing, I let her access my VUDU account on the Roku I gave her, as she doesn’t have an Apple TV.
Overall, I’ve been pleased with the upgrade so far. On the surface though, (other then the new dark icon feature), nothing really stands out. Sounds like there are some nice changes in store though.


I completely agree, I also upgraded from standalone 5 Pro to 6 (subscription-based).
I endured painful library migration (as James explained it’s not possible) and I went for Life Time upgrade.

From playback perspective of big 4K clips, I didn’t see much difference, but I guess it’s a good thing for now (it’s first release of a new major version) it’s not that buggy, at least I haven’t spotted anything.

I’m an old customer or firecore and big fan of Infuse and the quality of the player so I’m happy to support their work even though new fetures will come later.

Big Thanks!

I am in the same point than you. Pro 4 and doubt about what to do when new Pro 6 arise
Looking price of then I guess buy Pro 5 (17€) and stand forever with that

Pro 6 is not worth to pay 38€, same UI and almost same features. Waiting Siri integration with AppleTV would have some sense put this high price but I feel is a tiny update of v5

You could always go with InFuse 6 and just pay for a 1 year subscription to get all the Pro features. That is much cheaper than buying InFuse 6 Pro outright and will entitle you to the upgrade to InFuse 7 if it is released while the subscription is still running. After the year is up you only let the subscription renew if you are happy with the state of InFuse at that point in time.

There is another benefit of the re-occurring subscriptions (monthly or yearly) which is not often mentioned. It is that even if the subscription price for new users goes up the subscription price for existing subscribers stays the same.

My point of view is that subscription is a bad solution for older customers while seems good for new one

There is no warranty that developer maintain the app updated always and when it happens suscriptors lost every dollar they paid while pro users remains the investment

That may be the case, but by going with a yearly subscription from the outset with InFuse 5 I got a very good subscription price (much lower than the current one for new users). It has worked out much cheaper than buying the stand-alone version and in addition I am getting upgrades to new versions at no additional cost. If InFuse stopped being developed I would switch to a new app so the fact an old version continued working is not really something I am worried about.

Absolutely Inam in opposite point of view. Infuse 4 PRO works very good and cost 12€ in his moment. For 3 years Has been useful. I have infuse 5 free installed for checking the advances and looks great but not enough for change v4 in that price. Similar with v6 is a good improve but not enough to jump from v4 PRO

If I was a new infuse user I will paid for v5.9 PRO 17€ and forget the future. The app works good is depúrate and cover almost everything for several years (maybe last decades to be obsolete)

Subscription is not an option for me in a multimedia player app. It’s my point of view

You are right, but there are exceptions. Infuse 6 perfectly plays mkv files with a resolution of 4k. Infuse 4 Pro jerked and frozen the image :slight_smile: it was decisive for me.

I would like to add that: InFuse Pro 6, also seems to fetch metadata faster then 5 did. I can only compare 5 and 6 as that’s all I’ve used. So while it may not look and feel different on the surface much, 6 does feel more polished after spending some time with it. Plus we’re talking Apple here, so they can always do something to break older software forcing people to upgrade. So, I would say some of those exceptions would include dealing with Apple vs Firecore by itself.

I felt it was a big step-up upgrading from Infuse 4 Pro straight to Infuse 6 Pro (skipping 5) because 6 is remarkably faster fetching metadata and automatic library syncing, collections, and Siri dictation search functionality with polished GUI. I had recently begun to see problems playing newer HEVC x265 video with infuse 4 so that was a very good reason to upgrade. The cost of Infuse 6 is equivalent to the price of 2 or 3 cinema tickets, or 3 months of Netflix, or the price of a few pizzas delivered. It’s good value considering Infuse 6 right now has probably 2 years or more of incremental updates before 7 launches, so best to jump in now. It’s really nice they’re not pushing everyone to subscription.

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