Help configuring remote plex


I have tried opening the port 32400.Sometimes seems like it’s open but then says not connection.

I have the life time Plex pass. I’m trying to use it with infuse.

I’m using an orbit router.

Do I need to open the port in my ISP router too?

Any expert? :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hi Galdo.

Where is the plex server, is it on a purpose built NAS or like a Windows box or something?

And this device is at home and you are trying to reach it from another location?

Broadly speaking if your ISP router is still doing router things, then yes you do, however if it is just in modem mode for example and does no ‘routing’ for your LAN then no you dont it will just be on the Orbit. Its uncommon to run two routers at the same time or two things that serve as routers, not saying it doesnt happen but its not your usual setup at home. For example I use my own Ubiquity router but I do have an ISP router also behind it…but that ISP router has been switched into modem mode so all it does is pass through the cable internet connection to ethernet which I plug into the WAN port of my Ubiquity, all the work is then done by the router, not the ISP gear.

Just need a little more info regarding the setup dude before trying to help.

Hello Naylor,

I’m running Plex in my Synology NAS.

My NAS IP address for example is 192.168.17 and Plex app server shows as 192.168.19

My ISP router/modem is enabled. I mean, I can join to that wireless network and use it or use my Orbit. My orbit is connected to my ISP via Ethernet.

The thing is that I want to access my files remotely & share my library with friends.

Youre running two separate subnets of is this just the way the Synology does it?

Oh I see what you mean, you have both WIFI networks still active.

Erm I think as a start, depending on the ORBI (you do mean ORBI right?) you should ensure you are using only one router. If the ORBI is serving as a router as well as the ISP router the port forwarding is going to get mashed, you could also be running two DHCP servers on two different ranges, you should do that with VLANs but im not 100% you are intending to do that, maybe you are but it requires a bit more complicated config to allow two VLAN’s to talk to one another.

What I would do is disable the DHCP etc on the ORBI and run it AP mode, basically it just serves as a WIFI device, disable the WIFI on the ISP router but this is where you want to do the port forwarding.

So you land with one WIFI network (ORBI) and one Router (ISP). You can then have everything in your LAN on one subnet IE 192.168.17.xx, even stuff connected to the WIFI will then get IP’s from the ISP router. When it comes to port forwarding you just need to do that on the ISP router and forward to the plex server local IP, you’ll need to follow plex’s guides for that, im just talking from a networking point of view.

In essence is kinda similar to my setup, I have a separate MESH that serves WIFI for my house and this is connected to my router via ethernet, all the DHCP, firewalling etc etc is disabled on my MESH, it is just there to provide WIFI connectivity to the default LAN which is served by my router. All port forwarding etc is provided by one router device.

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I’ll just toss this in the mix in case it may help. There’s a users guide for remote access that may help and it has a Synology specific section.


Thanks guy. Will try later.