HELP APTV 5.3 (6105)

Hi, I tried to jail break my APTV 5.3 (6105) for the first time using he last version of the SP but I always get this message (this apple TV is not eligible for this version)  Please help if the SP support my APTV 5.3 (6105) and why i keep getting this message


Thank you so much for your help

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thank you, I did everything but i get eroor 3194 I am using Itune 10.7 do you think Itunes is the problem ?

thank you

if you are getting error 3194 it's likely you don't have a gen 2 , check it to be sure

if the light doesn't come on with just the micro usb it's not a 2nd gen

Or you can check the bottom back of the unit, if its a1378 then you have a 2nd gen. Otherwise, if you have a a14xx, its 3rd gen.

I am pretty sure its Apple tv 2 because in the information page it said resolution 720p and apple tv3 has 1080

just making sure...have you check the back portion of the unit?

This is my seasonpass logfile…maybe it helps:

DateTime: 21.08.2014 20:08:30 Message: Application start
DateTime: 21.08.2014 20:08:30 Message: Seas0nPass
DateTime: 21.08.2014 20:08:30 Message: clean up
DateTime: 21.08.2014 20:08:32 Message: Started iTunes exe search
DateTime: 21.08.2014 20:08:32 Message: Using registry view Registry64
DateTime: 21.08.2014 20:08:32 Message: Opened HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE registry key
DateTime: 21.08.2014 20:08:32 Message: Opened HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall registry key
DateTime: 21.08.2014 20:08:32 Message: Found 49 subKeyNames
DateTime: 21.08.2014 20:08:32 Message: Found iTunes in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall{77DE5105-D05E-448C-96CB-7FA381903753}
DateTime: 21.08.2014 20:08:32 Message: Path to iTunes is C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunes.exe
DateTime: 21.08.2014 20:08:32 Message: Installed iTunes version: “”. IsCompatible? True
DateTime: 21.08.2014 20:08:33 Message: Started version check
DateTime: 21.08.2014 20:08:33 Message: Seas0nPass version is OK
DateTime: 21.08.2014 20:08:37 Message: ECID process starting
DateTime: 21.08.2014 20:08:37 Message: Output received: ECID: 2935762787703
DateTime: 21.08.2014 20:08:37 Message: Output received: check_context(00000000)
DateTime: 21.08.2014 20:08:37 Message: Output received: check_context passed
DateTime: 21.08.2014 20:08:37 Message: Checking available blobs on Cydia servers for ECID = 2935762787703
DateTime: 21.08.2014 20:08:38 Message: Blobs fetching completed
DateTime: 21.08.2014 20:08:41 Message: Application Exit
DateTime: 21.08.2014 20:08:41 Message: clean up


Good thing youve mentioned your mac version. You can read this

For windows machine, its been an ongoing problem for almost a month. A solution was posted it was helpful to the community

I hope you can jb your atv2

For those still having trouble - can you try running Seas0nPass again?

We made a few changes on our end last night that should hopefully allow more reliable operation.


i´ve got the message “This AppleTV is not eligible for this version” when i try to jailbreak it.
I have a 2nd gernation with FW 5.3 (6105). I´ve try it with Windows 8 Pro, iTunes is up to date!

I´ve also tries with an Mac but in this case the jailbreak stops with the message “process failed with reason filesystem patches failed”. Its an old MacBook with iOS 10.6.8. I´ve think this is the problem!?

But why it doesn´t work on Windows!???
I´ve already search for a solution in a lot of websites but i can´t found the solution. :-/

Can anybody help me please?

Thanks in advance and best wishes

You´re the best!! It works…

Thank you very much!

Best wishes.