Help! After update cannot startup

I had external USB storage setup, and after updating to 3.0, installed TV 4.0. Now I once i get past the splash screen, all I get is a blank screen. Is there a way I can create a new thumb drive version of apples software on there?

I can ssh into the box, but that is it.

I have exactly the same issue.
I was using external drive. I updated the ATV flash to v4. rebooted. All seemed good, so I then updated apple tv to V3 and since then all I have is the splash screen then absolutely nothing.

I can SSh into ATV with Cyberduck but thats it.



Well, I have ATV up and running again. The only thing that worked for me was a hard reset. Hold the menu button and the “-” button for ~5 sec. Then your system will be restored (unplug the USB first). After it was up I then updated to Apple 3.0. Am going to wait until the next update before I I try to use the USB storage again. :frowning:

carrying out a factory reset as i type… not looking forward to the 4 days work of wifi traffic to get my programs back… better and clear upgrade instructions would have been nice… but there again, i am a bloke and probably wouldn’t have read them anyway… lol

all working fine. I have to admit it was my own fault as I did the ATV flash 4 update first then the V3 apple update… RTFM…

Just in case anyone does the same and you find yourself looking at a blank screen after the splash title has ended.

hold menu and - sign on the remote for 6 secs. Pick factory reset (NOTE: you will lose all your synced information if you carry on past this point. Your actually files will be fine where ever they are currently stored… just the sync’d info will be lost).
Then update to ATV3. Then apply the ATVflash 4 patch. If like myself you had external drive as primary… you will need to go into maintenance and settings. run “nitro smart installer” remember to unplug and re plug in after it has installed. insert the USB storage drive, then in the same menu, set itunes storage to external.
Then wait a few days for the 300gb of stuff to fire itself across the network…

sweet, you took it a step further. Are you using your USB as the primary storage? I have not updated the atvFlash 4 yet (again…), but need to re-sync up everything once I do (fyi - use a hard lan line…way faster).