Help! 4.1 Update and now nitoTV looks weird...

Hi all,

I finished updating to latest aTVFlash and nitoTV and now my DVD playback with nitoTV shows my 2.40:1 aspect ratio movies look squished. The black bars at top and bottom of my on my 16:9 TV is bigger than before the update. Is there a setting I need to make to return my 2.40:1 ratio to look normal again??

Update: My 1.85:1 movies now has black bars on top and bottom instead of filling my entire screen like it used to. Help!


I had the same problem. I was given a suggestion that worked. Adjust the Resolution to 720p and reboot.

Thanks Leaman…

I was hoping to keep my resolution at 1080i which is native to my TV.

It looks like 720P and 1080i looks similar.

Im having the same issue and while setting it to 720P solves the problem, My bigger concern is that my Atv has always been set to 1080i. So why after this last update did I lose that option?

I would like to hear from ATVFlash Crew on this one, is this a known issue that will be resolved in a future update?

Thanks for your time.

Have you tried setting your AppleTV to 1080p?

Seems to be a minor quirk in this update and should be resolved in an upcoming version.

FWIW 720p will provide virtual the same picture quality as 1080i and actually an improved picture for fast action scenes.

I am having this problem, sqeezed picture in DVD playback, and have run all latest updates.

1080i is my only option for HD.

Is there an update coming or is there an alternate correction.

Has there been any movement on this?  I've tried 720p and it isn't squeezed anymore, but it is offset too high on the screen, the top half of the movie is cut-off.

Nevermind, I didn't realize my aTV additions were so out of date, updated and everything seems to be working fine.