Hello! New Member having trouble with Columbo TV Show Metadata

Hi everyone, I’m a newbie so I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong forum. After many years using the WDTV, I finally bought an ATV4 only because of infuse as I have a lot of old and new TV shows that are not in the apple format, and thanks to infuse I can finally use an ATV. While I am still discovering all the features, there are a coupe of Metadata issues I’m facing.

Columbo and Ellery Queen somehow seem not to be recognized and even the search function does not give me the options for all the episodes. This despite TVDB having the series info. My synology NAS is able to grab it from TVDB but infuse cannot for these 2 TV shows, is there anyway I can manually add the data from my NAS files. Even the use embedded Metadata option doesn’t work.

Apart from that I love Infuse and plan on buying one more ATV4 for my other TV, so a big thank you to the developers for this amazing software.

How are the files named for the episodes? I have that series and have no problems

hi and thanks for the reply, this is how I’ve named the episodes, Columbo 01E01 Murder By The Book.mkv
however there are some which are named
Columbo 00E02 No Time To Die.mkv because they are listed as specials in the TVDB guide.
Would appreciate any help in renaming the episodes so that the summary shows.

Try adding an ‘S’ to the season/episode number so it is like this … ‘Columbo S01E01 Murder By The Book.mkv’

Thanks a ton, just did that and now it displays fine. I must have overlooked putting the “S” in there when renaming the series and didn’t realize it till now.