Hello all - Introduction

Hi folks,

I sure hope I am not adding this to the wrong place. Totally new here. I own an Apple TV I got… hrm… a year or two ago. I was debating getting a new one, the 4k version. Someone told me it will run Plex, but that this new app called Infuse was better, so… I am here to learn what it can do.

The website looks beautiful, and lord knows I like how the apple TV is so much more… well, better looking than my Roku… heh

So, while I browse around to learn more, just wanted to say hello and ask one quick question that already popped up…

That “P” application… allows me to share libraries with my friends. Can I assume that Infuse will have that functionality as well?

They are not apple people though, so…can’t convert them either :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, going to go learn things.

Thanks guys and gals!