Heavy .ASS subtitles not rendering properly

Hello everyone,

scences with heavy .ASS subtitles are not rendering properly on the Apple tv 4k 2022.
It did however render fine on my 8. gen ipad as far as i can tell.
I also tried playing the file on the plex app, and the subtitles did render properly.

Infuse version 7.6.1


Do you have a sample that is not of a video of text? It makes it difficult to distinguish what is what on the screen.

Ye, sorry it was kinda hard to see.
Well, most of the time heavy ass scenes are some kind of text that needs to be translated, like a smartphone message or maybe something written on a classroom board. And when this text or something else in the frame moves, then it is trouble.


The Scene shows social media message while scrolling down.

Also not the best comparison, but you can see in the infuse picture that ass subtitle is not replacing perfectly what is on screen. As it is scrolling down, the ass part lags a little behind.

If you’re able to upload a sample subtitle and/or video file we can take a look at this.

If you can also note the approximate timestamp where the issue is seen, that would be helpful.


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I did upload a sample file and sent an email with timestamps to scenes which i had issues and some additional info.

I said that that my 8th gen ipad rendered the heavy .ass fine as opposed to my apple tv 4k 2022, I stand corrected. One scene in the sample file i sent did also lag on my ipad. And i don’t know if the other scenes which did render visibly fine, are really rendered properly or maybe some frames are off and i just can’t see it.

Also in some scenes the .ass subtitles did bleed into the next scene somtimes(which they shouldn’t and don’t do in plex or mpv), but sometimes they just didn’t. And i couldn’t reproduce when or why that happens.
The subtitles just bleed into the next scene sometimes for a few frames. Kept gaslighting myself that i just didn’t see right, but it happend more times than i could attribute to imagination.

Well anyways, thank you for your time James!

I have been noticing this issue for a few years and have also sent in sample files and the diagnostic info and unfortunately even though they have made updates to subtitle rendering it has continued. Would really love for this to be fixed.

It seems to me that the subtitles just aren’t rendering frame-perfect and with things like motion tracking it becomes very apparent (but it isn’t only with motion tracking, it’s also sometimes noticeable that a sign is still rendering when there’s a scene change) This also happens on Plex’s modified exoplayer on android. If the Infuse devs do care about this issue I would recommend looking at MPVs implementation of libass, as it’s the only player that reliably and efficiently renders subtitles in my experience.

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Yeah, i also really hope that james and the team can get it working. There is being put so much effort in creating good .ass subtitles that complement a show and I can’t fully enjoy and appreciate them as it is. That’s truly a shame.

Are there any updates yet?