HDTV Display Setting

When I am using XBMC or Firefox via the AppleTV the display is larger than my TV (40") screen and the image is cut-off top and bottom. How do i fix this? Thanks.

What resolution is your AppleTV currently set to?

I have done two complete software reinstalls since my original message and still have the same problem. Both the Firefox and XBMC windows are larger than my TV screen. I cannot see any of the Top line in Firefox nor any toolbars. With XBMC I cannot read what is at the base of the screen.


The aspect ratio as best I can tell is 16.9 and the aTV resolution setting  720p.

It sounds like your TV may have a higher than normal overscan rate. Some TV models will display the top bar in Firefox while others will cut it off. Unfortunately there's no way to adjust it's position at the moment.

Download the aeon skin and adjust the overscan in settings.

I know this thread is somewhat dated, but I found it useful. On my Toshiba 24SL410U TV Remote is a button for PIC SIZE. Changing the Aspect Ratio from 16:9 to 4:3 corrected this problem for me. Now the Apple Menu Bar displays perfect and the display size overall fits right.

Posting this with my aTV Flash enabled AppleTV, 1st Generation :slight_smile: