HDR10+ on Apple TV (2022)

wondering if infuse may be able to bring hdr10+ on macbook pro m1 pro for example

No. HDR10+ support has a limited number of devices. I know about Samsung and Panasonic TVs. Plus, you still need to find content that will be with HDR10+

which devices support it ? u mean the display on the new mbp doesnt ?

i have hdr10+ content

Yes. I’m talking about displays that have HDR10+ support. Macbook displays do not have HDR10+ support.

This comment aged well

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On the television side of things, besides Samsung and Panasonic, Vizio (including my 2019 model), Hisense, TCL, & Amazon’s UHD TVs all have HDR10+ support on some or all models.

Granted, HDR10+ support is becoming less common on UHD blu-rays and streaming services. That said, it would be nice to have support for current and future content.

Could apple include it in the future I mean ?

Maybe if a future model supports it. Doubt it’ll be added to current ones. Best to ask apple

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Apple introduces the powerful next-generation Apple TV 4K


With the new AppleTV dropping Friday, will Infuse support HDR10+ output? While I don’t have a ton of HDR10+ content it would be nice to see. Especially given that it doesn’t have anywhere near the complexity of DV and all of their profile nonsense.

Not on Friday :slight_smile: but maybe eventually. Keep an eye on upcoming features:

In a few quick tests, it looks like the 7.4.7 version of Infuse supports HDR10+ out of the box on the new 2022 Apple TV 4K. :slight_smile:

We’ll continue to test here, but please feel free to share any observations you see when playing HDR10+ files.


I can confirm it is supporting it for me. I have 3 movies I know of in HDR10+ and they all show it on my TV.

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My tv is not hdr10+ capable,
here’s a hdr10+ dynamic metadata test file for anyone interested to test

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Thanks for posting!

Just tested here, and the picture changed every 10s for me - indicating the HDR10+ metadata was processed correctly.

Hi James, I can see the mp4 file metadata is processed but I don’t suppose you can confirm the same for uhd mkv rips?

Given what plex does with profile 7 DV ( kicks in the appropriate mode but doesn’t actually process anything) and historically the static metadata on HDR10 with both infuse and plex with generative values being sent I am a bit weary of just accepting what the TV is doing and presume it’s correct.

If the new gen ATV is now processing metadata correctly from uhd rips with dynamic metadata I don’t suppose it can be checked if this also applies to to static?

Thanks for your help


The easiest way to confirm is to run the sample posted above, and you can see the metadata is respected.

The playback container doesn’t make much difference to Infuse, so MP4, MKV, etc will perform the same.

Apps that switch to DV for unsupported profiles (like profile 7) are making a choice to do so, as this is not normal behavior of the Apple TV APIs. This is definitely not the case here with Infuse.

We’ll continue to gather feedback as more and more people upgrade to the new devices and HD10+ content becomes more widely used, but based on what I’ve observed I believe HDR10+ is working correctly in the current version.

Hi James

Firstly thanks very much for your reply,I should have worded my post more clearly sorry for that, my concern was specific for backups made from uhd disks. Most will say HDR10 is fully supported within infuse but it’s long been known the metadata is ignored and standard values are sent.

Considering most current HDR10+ disks are also dual layer (HDR10+ base layer with the additional DV layer), are we sure the dynamic metadata is passed? Could it be flagging HDR10+ yet behaving like it does with regular HDR10 backups?

If the new ATV is passing the dynamic metadata from the base layer of HDR10+ releases then it should also be passing the static metadata from regular HDR10 as they are located in the same place which would be great news indeed. Hopefully someone with the necessary tools will be able to confirm this in due course



We’ve tested a variety of HDR10+ content in the current version of Infuse and tvOS 16.2, and believe this is working as expected.

Also, today’s 7.4.10 update adds a new HDR10+ tag to the details page to differentiate HDR10+ videos from normal HDR.

Going to mark this suggestion thread as done, but please feel free to open a new thread if you run into any strange issues when playing HDR10+ content.


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