HDR10+ metadata being removed unless Dolby Vision is explicitly disabled

Greetings, there seems to be a new issue with Infuse. This probably started happening in the recent Dolby Vision enhancement update.

In my scenario I have a Samsung TV that supports HDR10+ but not DV. Previously, if I played a video that had both DV and HDR10+ metadata everything worked fine; DV played on compatible screens and HDR10+ metadata was being sent to my TV.

However this recently changed, now on the same videos with both dynamic HDR metadata formats, HDR10+ is silently discarded unless I go to the Video menu and turn off Dolby Vision.

This is a very counterintuitive change; existing users were never informed that they now have to disable DV for HDR10+ to work, and new users will have no idea that the option even exists and has to be toggled.

Ideally infuse should detect the ATV HDR mode and automatically disable that toggle, or at the very least inform users that it also affects HDR10+ playback.

If your TV does not support Dolby Vision (or you prefer to use HDR-only for other reasons) the best option would be in fact to disable the Dolby Vision option found in Infuse > Settings > Playback.

This will direct Infuse to use the underlying HDR10+ (or HDR) video layer instead of Dolby Vision.

Yes @james, as I mentioned in my post that’s the solution, however there’s nothing in the app indicating that enabling Dolby Vision (which seems to be enabled by default) will also disable HDR10+.

Better labeling there would be helpful, specially for new users. A newcomer to the app would have no idea they have to disable that.

You could have a popup the first time a DV or HDR10+ file is played :man_shrugging:t3: