HDR10+ Issue (not an Infuse problem)

Since updating from the last gen ATV4K with HDR10 to the latest with support for HDR10+ I’ve got a problem. With match frame rate and range on I get an annoying flicker often when watching any HDR10+ content (either streamed or on infuse). The image goes very bright for a fraction of a second and it’s unbearable.

I bought the latest ATV4K to replace an existing one so that I could benefit from HDR10+ on my Samsung Q90R. That was a mistake as previously I could watch HDR10 fine and there’s no way to restrict the ATV to only show HDR10 when the stream or file has HDR10+

My ATV4K connects to my Bose Lifestyle 650 and that connects to my TV. The problem is definitely not cables so it’s likely that my Bose Lifestyle 650 receiver is happy passing HDR10 but not HDR10+. For the best audio support I need to keep the ATV connected to the TV via the Bose (as I understand EARC support is not great on my TV and won’t support uncompressed multi channel sound). All I can think to do is to reinstall the old model.

I don’t suppose anyone has any better solutions that don’t involve replacing everything!

Have you tried disabling the ‘Use HDR10+’ option in Settings > Video and Audio? This should allow you to get everything in regular HDR10.

Note: You will need to set the Apple TV to output HDR before this setting appears.

Thanks James. I’ve not tried that. I have the ATV set to 4K SDR 50Hz with match frame rate on as I don’t want HDR for files that are not (unless I’m misunderstanding). Unless disabling that ‘Use HDR10+’ sticks once it’s set back to match frame rate and range…

Yes, I believe you can temporarily enable HDR for the menus which will reveal the setting.

Once the setting has been turned off, you can go back to using SDR for the menus and the setting choice should stick.

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Great - thanks. I’ll give that a try. I had moved my previous (non HDR10+) ATV4K to another room and was going to swap them around but changing that setting is easiest. :+1:

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Confirmed fix. When disabled if you disable/re enable 4K HDR, the ‘Disable HDR10+’ remains on.


One thing I have noticed. It does fix the problem but instead of the HDR10+ content being shown as HDR10, it is shown as standard HDR (I’m assuming that HDR, HDR10 and HDR10+ are all different)

Technically, HDR is a generic umbrella term that would include specific sub-types, such as: HDR10, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision.

However, in common usage HDR and HDR10 mean the same thing.

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Thanks James. What confused me is that when the setting was on and I was watching HDR10+, the Samsung TV indicated HDR10+. I guess I expected it show “HDR10” now rather than “HDR” but that’s fine.

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