HDR10 fallback not working in MP4

I have a few DV/HDR10 dual layer MP4 files here, and my understanding is that while Infuse does not support the DV layer, it should be able to playback the HDR10 layer. Neither are working unfortunately.

Would it be better to just play the blu-ray folder?

I took a closer look at this. My TV (Sony A8H) reports that HDR10 is playing, but it is clearly not - the picture is awful, the way that non-tonemapped screenshots look.

So, unless the Apple TV is just not switching modes correctly, it seems that Infuse is correctly detecting the HDR10 layer, attempting to display it, and failing to process the metadata. I tested this on my parents’ Apple TV running Infuse, and had the same results. I have also tested multiple files.

This only seems to be occurring with dual-layer. Single-layer DV and HDR10 work excellent as always.

I would really appreciate some help with this. Thank you!