Hdr10 colors

hello i am playing same file from plex server with infuse apple tv and with ps4 pro plex player and colors seems better on ps4 pro any ideas?

my tv is KD65XF7096.

i tried plex player on appletv colors are same as infuse.

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I’d guess you have the color settings for the PS4 input set up for gaming and the color settings for the ATV input set for movie or normal.
Since you don’t give many details that’s the most likely reason.

ps4 pro sets tv settings automatically. i tried copying them when apple tv is connected but there is still differences. on appletv it seems to have slight grayish overlay very suddle but noticeable .

sony has scene selection options i tried all of them but this core overlay seem to stick

one more thing. i tried same file on iphone X with infuse and it seems to be matching ps4 pro but its very hard to pinpoint since X is very small copared to tv

There are so many setting both on TVs as well as the Apple TV that you’re going to have to try and wade through them and see if you can find a setting that you’re happy with.

One thing I’ve noticed is that with the ATV set with Dolby Vision enabled the colors are a bit muted for my tastes so I don’t enable it. The video setting in the ATV are where I’d start. Try changing the format to some of the different options as well as checking the Chroma settings. Don’t forget to do the Check HDMI connection while you’re there.

Can you check to ensure the Match Content options are enabled on your Apple TV as described here?

Having these enabled will ensure Infuse is able to adjust the video output to match the content being played.

hdmi cable is same for ps4 i unplug one to test another.

tried video settings on atv hdr 422 also tried with sdr eith match content no change what so ever on video itself

yes match content is on.

also i tried replicating tv settings which is automatically set from ps4 but there is still difference.

on scene selection ps4 selects game scene but when i select game scene on atv its much much worse the having auto or hdr scene

What type of videos are you trying to play?

Can you try downloading some of the HDR samples found here to see how they work?

atm i am testing with infinity war remux and ralph breaks internet remux they both have similar result. i will download from that link now

some samples



picture doesnt capture as much as seen in real but you still see color disruption

light saber isn’t even blue in some frames on atv

even more potent screenshots

sample photos from suggested site

One other thing you can try is to disconnect the PS4 and connect the Apple TV to that same HDMI port.

Sony (and other manufacturers) often only support HDR signals on 1 or 2 HDMI ports. On some models, this also needs to be manually enabled in the TV settings.

i am doing that i have 1 cable i connect either ps4 pro or apple tv 4k same cable same port

Are you seeing a difference between the two devices when playing the HDR samples?

While it’s clear from your screenshots there is a difference between the Apple TV and PS4, without a calibrated benchmark it’s difficult to tell from here which is correct. It’s very possible the Apple TV is correct, and the PS4 colors are over saturated.

Based on this thread, it looks like Plex’s PS4 player does not support HDR, so it seems likely PMS is converting this into SDR with less than great tone mapping.

on plex it says direct stream so i dont think it convers. and even without calibration lightsaber is blue not white:)

i tried turning off hdr option in video settings on ps4 it still looked same

when plex conversion is on for hdr content it adds brown scale you cant miss it

You may try walking through the steps in this guide to ensure HDR is enabled correctly. The TV settings would also apply to the Apple TV as well.

If you are seeing the same colors with HDR disabled on your PS4, it’s likely the PS4 is not playing HDR correctly. Unfortunately, we don’t have much insight on how Plex or the PS4 handle HDR.

when hdr is not enabled on appletv this file doesn’t display any color only greyscale so HDR is defiantly on. and ps4 just switches it on automatically when hdr movie is played. all remote configurable settings are matched i took picture on ps4 settings and replicated when appletv is connected it makes it tiny bit better, but as you can see in images its way way off, and has white overlay on top of it