HDR10+ and DV

The file is HDR10+ and DV.
Why does infuse show the movie as DV only?

You need to be a lot clearer. When you say it shows as DV only, do you mean in the UI or it actually plays as DV?
Also it May be helpful to post a mediainfo for the file.

I mean in the UI, the tag only shows DV not HDR10+

I believe that Infuse only shows the best format it can play, not all of them.


I have the opposite issue. Most of my dual profile video files show has HDR but will playback in DV no problem.

Using Infuse directly or connected to a Media Server like Plex?
If it’s via a media server then refreshing metadata usually does the trick for me.

This is correct. As Infuse has added more support for DV I am seeing some of my old titles change from HDR to DV, I dont see HDR10+ ever which isn’t a bad thing because my TV doesnt support it but I also dont collect this format, in that case it would show just standard HDR. Also depends on the content you are watching.

From my experience Infuse ONLY shows one HDR format and that is the format it will play in if my TV supports, im seeing more and more DV which is nice, perhaps because Infuse has added more support for it. On my SD TV Infuse will still show the format of the media as 4K HDR or DV which I think is based on what Infuse can play from the ATV, the TV will however just play it SD.