HDR too dark

Hi guys,

I have a new OLED TV with HDR.
When I play a movie/show with HDR (TV shows a HDR banner), it always seems too dark. Is this normal?
I know with HDR dark is darker and bright is brighter, but right now I am not sure, if I like HDR…
What is your experience?

By the way I have a Philips OLED 77".

Yes, it may be normal. You may try to adjust the settings, but I usually don’t like simple hdr movies. The only hdr format I use is Dolby Vision. Much better.

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Dolby Vision on ATV with Infuse it not easy. :smiley:

It depends on your settings and if you are watching in a bright room or not. With lights turned off, watching HDR on my LG OLED tv looks fine and isn’t too dark. But that is how I set it up. You can set it to be higher brightness if you need.

That is the reason why some titles appear too dark and that is one of the reasons why I dismissed Apple TV and, sadly, Infuse.

Anyway, to solve the issue, at this moment, you need an external devices like HDFury to force different fixed metadata.