HDR Tone Mapping toggle; no longer dimmed or clipped content on the Apple TV 4K!

Please implement a HDR Tone Mapping feature for HDR content in Infuse Pro on the Apple TV 4K so movies won’t look dim anymore (especially on OLED) and peak highlights won’t be clipped to preserve highlight details.

Technical information is sourced from the website Sound and Vision:

When enabled, this feature can let the user pick from an assortment of brightness presets that match the display’s capability. Since there is no standard in HDR presets can include 1500 nits, 1000 nits, and 500 nits, which roughly align with the light output capability of high brightness LCD TVs, OLED TVs, and lower brightness projectors. Once configured, Infuse can apply a tone map designed to match the typical brightness seen from these designs. It can also look at the HDR metadata in the content and can base it’s processing on that information including the maximum brightness of the display used for mastering and the program’s maximum pixel level. If the program’s maximum pixel level happens to be lower than the maximum display level, the tone map adjusts to the pixel level to preserve image brightness (thus eliminating the dark look that so many complain about with HDR viewing).

This would be a great solution for all HDR content. Quite a lot of them look dim when watching it on my OLED tv. The ATV 4K has enough horsepower to process all of this.