HDR tone mapping issues

I tried to play the 2160 Remux HDR version of Harry Potter 1 on both VLC (Version Vetinari (Intel 64bit)) and Infuse Alpha 3 and there’s a significant difference in the colors.

Any idea why this might be?

Here are the screenshots:
VLC: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Infuse: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Looks like different tone mapping algorithms to me.

Yes, we are still working to fine tune a number of things, including HDR tone mapping. :slight_smile:

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We’ve added a number of improvements for HDR tone mapping in today’s alpha 6 update.

Please give it a try and let us know what you think. :slight_smile:

Ok so, to be honest I cannot tell the difference. I had taken a few screenshots with the previous mapping and the screenshots taken with version 6 look exactly the same.

That said the testing has been limited, so maybe I missed some key scene in which the remapping would have stood out?

In my MacBook Pro M1, when play a video file in apple video, the screenshot like this:

in Infuse, the screenshot like this When play the same file :

Obviously, the apple’s image quality better than infuse’s. Especially,notice the up left, these are many dark dots in infuse’s image. This problem also exist when play in my Sony projector.

Is this a demo video file from an online source?

yes, it’s download from web.

Could you share where to download it so as to see if it’s a file problem? Without the video it’s difficult to even guess what’s going on.

Hi, NC_Bullseye, Very appreciate that your reaction so quickly.
I have uploaded the file in my cloud disk, try download please:

Do you have the official web page link to download this from Sony?

I get tons of spam and trackers using your link.

Sorry, I have not the offical link. Do you have somewhere I can upload?
Or you can search " Sony Bravia OLED 4K Demo.mp4"

If you can find an original demo video from a official source that does the same thing you could post that link here. I did search and came up with dozens of matches and even that doesn’t mean I’d get the same one that causes you problems.

It may be problems with the video you’re playing or some codec incompatibility so if you can find a known good one from Sony or another official source that does the same that would probably be the best.

You can upload samples here if you like. :slight_smile:

Ok, I have uploaded.

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Hi I have an M1 MacBook Pro and have noticed an issue with reds in an HDR program I have been watching. The red is displaying black blocking in sections. The same show when watched through infuse on my iPhone 11 Pro max is fine and displayed correctly. Just trying to find out if its a Mac infuse issue or the MacBook display, which is supposed to be 10bit HDR compatible.

Anyone else noticed this? its just the colour Red.

Today’s beta 5 update includes a number of changes and improvements in this area.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes. :slight_smile:

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I had the same issue but this latest beta 5 release mentioned above by @james fixed it. I suggest you download and install it and test again.

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Please continue testing and let us know how it goes.