HDR to SDR tonemapping on Macbook Air (Intel)/iPhone/iPad


Does HDR-to-SDR tonemapping only work on Apple TV’s or does it also on work on the Intel Macbook Air, iPhone XS, and iPad?

And is there a specific option that I need to enable for this to work or is it all done automatically?


This should get you close to what you want to know.

Correct, I have an Intel Macbook Air (with HDR support) connected to a non-HDR monitor. Will HDR-to-SDR tonemapping be triggered when I move the Infuse window playing the file to my monitor or will it trigger regardless once my laptop’s connected to my non-HDR monitor

I’d just try it and see what it looks like. Not sure that the external monitor has the smarts to tell the mac it’s status.

It should be handled automatically, but let us know if you are seeing any weirdness with a particular device combination.

Tonemapping on my iPad (7th generation) of a 4K HDR file is incredibly washed out compared to a 1080p version. Looks fine on my Macbook Air (Intel) though