HDR switching not working on some files

HDR seems to work fine most of the time but isn’t working on some files. It doesn’t work on the Samsung Chasing the Light demo, in particular, which I’ve noticed is suggested as a test on these forums.

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We’ve had a few reports of this since the tvOS 12.2 update rolled out.

Can you try restarting your Apple TV to see if this clears up what is going on?

I’ve seen this as well on all of the 1080p HDR Netflix rips of Star Trek Discovery.

Most 1080p HDR are not playing in HDR mode for me either.

Can you drop us a note (https://firecore.com/contact) and tell us a bit more about these 1080p files?

If you’re able to send in a sample, that could be very helpful too.

I submitted a sample.

Thanks. We’ll take a look.

Some HDR demos that worked before, they don’t switch anymore. Like this one: https://4kmedia.org/lg-cymatic-jazz-hdr10-uhd-4k-demo/.

Same issue here. TvOS 12.2. I can’t find a single 1080p HDR file that will initiate auto-switching to HDR. Yet most of my 4K demos and movies seem to trigger it.

We’re currently looking into a few cases of this, and expect to have more news soon.

Infuse 6.0.7 with a few improvements in this area is now available. :slight_smile:


I can confirm that 6.0.7 seems to have resolved the issue.

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It’s working for me too.

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