HDR Playback Issues

ok, i will. Btw, what is the best way as protocol between a nas and Apple TV?

There are many variables in deciding this and that’s why there’s multiple ways to do it. Many (myself included) have very satisfactory results with SMB, and many others prefer FTP or NFS then some use the others for different reasons.

Usually setting SMB to SMB2 or Legacy will give you the best speeds since SMB3 may be adding additional security overhead costing speed.

I’d stick with SMB, FTP, or NFS unless you absolutely need the additional requirements of SFTP or WebDAV. I would not use DLNA or UPnP since those handicap the best parts of Infuse.

Just as an example, my speeds to an ATV4K 1st gen run around the 300+Mbps speeds using SMB on Auto over Ethernet.

Could be possible when my nas had a update of the OS , SMB2 recommended?

Yup or legacy

I am seeing the same issues with HDR/Dolby Vision content lately, did anyone find a solution?

I changed the SMB connection into SMB2. So far, works well

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Change the setting from nfs to Samba 2 or legacy still does not solve the problem. Running Ethernet and file transfer rate is around 580mb/s. But notice the movie can playing smoothly when I play straight from the folder ( before add to favourite). Any idea?

Found a temporary fix. Instead of putting all the movies folder from the NAS into 1 folder create in the Infuse favourite, add the folder that contain the movie you have problem playing and you will have no problem.

The trade off is no movie wall and you’ll have to find the right movie file to play from the stream folder.

Firecore team please work out a solution as this is very annoying more and more movie release these day has this problems.

Play the file direct from the stream folder