HDR Playback Issues

Since the 7.3.6 update I‘ve a lot of troubles with a lot of HDR files, which played all fine before. The 2021 4k ATV settings „adapt to content“ are on, I‘ve tried all cache settings and on my second 4k ATV has exact the same issues since the update. Reinstall doesn‘t work and since the same files played perfectly fine before (btw. infuse 5 pro also handle the same files without problems) and must be a problem with the version of infuse 7. I attached a little sample file to show the problem.

This is really annoying since the last 4 updates there were nomsolutions to this problem…any hints on that?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards, Alex

I have exact the same problem. Some HDR files (Kings Man for example) give me the stuttering play back on my ATV4K while the same file plays fine on a Zidoo X9S.

With the film Uncharted the first file I downloaded gave me the stuttering play back while an other rip plays fine.

Other HDR files play fine on both players, I’m not sure this is a result of the software update, maybe it is the way the files are ripped/packed?

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I can confirm that…but it has to do with the new Infuse 7 version, because a lot of the files played absolutely fine before…I also tested the files on the same setup with the old Infuse 5 Pro version: no problems at all!

Same issue here. They haven’t been able to fix it yet. Started with the same update yours did.

Same thing with kings man and uncharted too with 7.1.x on Apple TV 4K 2021 and MacOS Monterey too with Mac Mini M1

Ghostbusters Afterlife is doing it as well

Having the same issues during HDR playback (1080p as well as 4K). Let’s hope that Firecore finds a solution :wink:

Yes, here the same. I thought only large MKV files has the issues of buffering after every 5 minutes but indeed its all HDR files… Every 5 minutes, the movie stops, the turning wheel appears and after 10 seconds the movies continues… This happened since the last update, therefore alle files plays correctly

Is it fixed with th 7.1.4 ?

No, I can’t play any HDR movies, every 5 minutes the movie stops and de Apple clockwheel turns and after 20 seconds the movie continue until happen again

Since 2 updates ago I have problems with some HDR movies to play smoothly. Some MKV and BMDV files, after a moment, the movie stops and the turning wheel appear on the screen and after 20 seconds the movie continues. I already contact Firecore but no reply to solve the problem. I reboot Apple TV 4K and I thought, this the solution but after a while the problem returns. I read more people have same problem… Is this a bug in TV OS? Or a bug in Infuse 7 Pro which still not solved?? Please solve this problem, this is so annoying… Before the last 2 updates of Infuse, never had this problems with the same movies, played always smoothly, what is going on? This issue also happens on Infuse for iPhone. Infuse on Mac seems working good

Can you run a speed test in Infuse for this video that stops for 20 seconds and then resumes? Run the full movie in the speed test and then if you would, post screen caps of the results and a screen cap of the graph. That may help the devs figure out your problem.

How can i run a speed test in Infuse?

Settings > Shares > Share Name > Speed Test.

Thanks, i will do it

Here the speedtest of one of the HDR movies which has the problem, Most the time are big file HDR movies

How is your ATV connected to your network? WiFi or Ethernet?

What protocol are you using for the share? SMB, FTP, DLNA, etc?

Connected via Ethernet. Protocol SMB

First thing I’d try is changing the SMB to SMB2 and test the speeds and then try the SMB Legacy setting and again test the speeds.

If neither of these increase your speeds then I’d suggest trying a new Ethernet cable (even just a temporary cable run across the floor for testing) and test the speeds.

One additional thought, try unplugging and re-plugging both ends of the cable several times. I’ve seen Ethernet cable connections get flaky and this seems to get them back in shape sometimes.