HDR Playback Issues

Since the 7.3.6 update I‘ve a lot of troubles with a lot of HDR files, which played all fine before. The 2021 4k ATV settings „adapt to content“ are on, I‘ve tried all cache settings and on my second 4k ATV has exact the same issues since the update. Reinstall doesn‘t work and since the same files played perfectly fine before (btw. infuse 5 pro also handle the same files without problems) and must be a problem with the version of infuse 7. I attached a little sample file to show the problem.

This is really annoying since the last 4 updates there were nomsolutions to this problem…any hints on that?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards, Alex

I have exact the same problem. Some HDR files (Kings Man for example) give me the stuttering play back on my ATV4K while the same file plays fine on a Zidoo X9S.

With the film Uncharted the first file I downloaded gave me the stuttering play back while an other rip plays fine.

Other HDR files play fine on both players, I’m not sure this is a result of the software update, maybe it is the way the files are ripped/packed?

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I can confirm that…but it has to do with the new Infuse 7 version, because a lot of the files played absolutely fine before…I also tested the files on the same setup with the old Infuse 5 Pro version: no problems at all!

Same issue here. They haven’t been able to fix it yet. Started with the same update yours did.

Same thing with kings man and uncharted too with 7.1.x on Apple TV 4K 2021 and MacOS Monterey too with Mac Mini M1

Ghostbusters Afterlife is doing it as well