HDR on iPhone X


I tried today some 4K HDR movies on my iPhone and Apple TV 4K.
I’m noticing that the HDR version is way too dark on my iPhone.

For example, here is the 1080p SDR version of Avengers Infinity War : https://imgur.com/a/SedozWL
and here is the 4K HDR version (nearly the same time) : https://imgur.com/a/oJsXYN5

The HDR version is really dark and I’m losing details in shadows and dark areas.

It’s the first time I’m trying an HDR movie so maybe I’m missing something.

If someone has an idea :wink:

Thx !

What do you have your brightness settings set to? I usually crank mine to 75% when watching HDR.

If I set it at 75% it’s ok. But the différence is still there.
The HDR version is a lot darker than the SDR one.
But maybe it’s how it’s supposed to look.

On outdoor scene it’s perfect !

That’s the first HDR movie I try so maybe it’s just me ^^

Thx !