HDR not working

Just installed Infuse on both iPhone X and AppleTV 4k. Pointed app to my Plex library where I have a few 4k HDR films. On iPhone X the movies playback great and in what appear to be HDR.

On my AppleTV 4k though these same files playback without HDR. I can tell this because my TV will show the HDR badge and I can load the picture settings while playback is going. I’ve deleted and reinstalled Infuse app and even pointed the app directly to the files on my NAS but they still playback without HDR. I can play this files on the TV using the built in Plex app with full HDR but would prefer to use Infuse and the AppleTV. The TV is the TCL 6series.

Ideas what I can do to get HDR playback working on AppleTV 4k?

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Is this affecting all your HDR videos, or just a few?

If you have a chance to upload a sample we can review it here and see what is going on.

With all my HDR content. Tried about 7 mkv movie files and 4 sample files downloaded from: http://4kmedia.org

I’ve uploaded a sample file using your link. I’ve tried switching my AppleTV 4k to all different video formats with no luck.

Are you running the latest tvOS 11.4.1, and Infuse 5.7.5?

Do you have Content Match enabled as described here?

I do have Content Match turned on but just noticed that my AppleTV 4k is running the iOS 12 beta. I’m sure my issues have something to do with that but if you have any workarounds I’d love to give them a try.

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