HDR not working right

Getting this resolved is our top priority right now, though with holiday schedules it’s taking a bit longer than we had hoped.

More news soon.

This might be slightly off topic, but are any plans to have Infuse tag videos which are HDR (and Dolby Vision)? Similar to how it shoes the audio type and resolution. This would be great for me to know which of my files are HDR and which arent :slight_smile:

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I Think a HDR tag would be great too. Perhaps also if a Dolby Atmos or DTS:X track is detected :slight_smile:

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I agree with this comment. This would be immensely useful so that I could then move all my 4K moves back into 1 folder instead of having to split up SDR and HDR movies into separate folders. Any chance we can get this soon?

5.6.7 (in progress)

24 days waiting , you have to call mrmc to get hdr…, I paid and it does not work

you’re kidding.

24 days is not ongoing for fixing some things in software…

look at Google , Apple, or INTEL :-))))))))))))

so, stay calm

infuse 5.6 hdr does not work for 60 days !! it’s a joke ?

True but this issue only affects some setups and in their defence, it hadn’t been reported during the beta phase.
I’ve read that a new beta will be released in a few days with HDR fixes. We’ll update this thread as soon as we get our hands on that new build :slight_smile:

It’s also over the holidays and people spend time with family and enjoy their time going into the new year. Not to mention how much work on the backend with code needed to be done since it’s not a trivial issue. The new beta is coming, most likely Friday like they usually do (or sooner), so we’ll see how it goes with the beta.

Is there a way to obtain the beta version without enrolling in the Apple beta program?

We’re planning to have a beta with fixes included available this week, and then assuming no unexpected issues come up we’ll be submitting to Apple shortly thereafter.

Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:

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Hi James,

Thanks for all the hard work. How can we get in on the beta?


With respect to the HDR-level issues: Would it be helpful, when I supply a test file that contains HDR level ramps for your testings? I generated a little file that shows the different nit levels (derived from the Sony UHD test patterns).

This file easily showed me that there is something wrong with the Infuse HDR brightness levels (as compared to the result when playing the file via an UHD BD-player).

Let me know if I should dropbox it for you.

5.6.8 (in progress)

Improvements for HDR video …

… and 5.6.7?

You can check to see what features, additions, and bugs are planned for future versions in the first post of the tacked “Upcoming Features” thread in the “Suggestions” forum. Firecore keeps the first post in that thread current with planned goodies.

Same here hdr is much dimmer on my LG B6 using infuse compared to the MRMC app and on my Shield TV the colours are more brighter and vibrant. Hope for a fix soon. Thanks

Another quick update.

Our current implementation is running up against a few limitations within tvOS, and that is why issues in a few cases are present.

We’re currently working to implement a new playback path for HDR video, and once complete should resolve any and all HDR issues. This is still our top priority, and we’re working to have this available ASAP, likely in v5.6.8.

Thanks for your patience.

I have a Sony XE93 but I’m not noticing these problems, is it perhaps because all my content goes through a Denon AVR? Not that I’m complaining, just curious.

Thanks James ! I thought it was ok at first but then i watched the same film on mrmc app(Apple TV) and on plex (Using Shield TV) and it was noticeably a bit brighter for example street lights, lamps, the sun, anything emitting light. The colours popped out more.