HDR not working right

Thanks to your remark I have just tried MrMC, which looks like a Kodi port for tvOS.
The interface is a total disaster. It freezes for no apparent reason.

But for the one video that looked totally wrong with Infuse, it looks OK with MrMC, similarly identical to the output of the Apple TV’s native media player for homesharing and my Android TV’s native media player.
In the video/ acceleration settings, make sure to check

  • Allow hardware acceleration - VideoToolbox
  • Allow hardware acceletaion - AVFoundation
    and uncheck (this is their recommandation to get correct color mapping)
  • Use VideoToolBox for 4K HEVC HDR content

I know this is out of topic to talk about MrMC here, but I hope these settings can give James and the Firecore team some ideas about why color mapping has issues (VideooTolBox?)

And, if a software like MrMC (which I really don’t like - but some people do, so I changed the rather strong words I used before) can get HDR color mapping right, I am sure Infuse can have its HDR rendering issues solved very soon!

You can see through the screenshots I posted earlier in this thread, that MrMC and Infuse images are almost identical for me, and neither are sending HDR data even though HDR is triggered on my TV. This does not happen with my UHD player, HDR works as intended.

My files are all rips from personally owned media using DeUHD and MakeMKV.

I don’t have these freezing issues with MrMC, but to call it “trash software” is a bit hyperbolic. There are a lot of things about the interface that I really like. For example, the people browser is a very cool and useful feature.

Is the iTunes native player rendering HDR correctly for you?

The iTunes native player (the “Computers” app seems to render HDR correctly for me.
(but is not usable because it keeps skipping frames)

I have one file that plays really bad with Infuse and looks just wrong.

It plays fine however and seems identical when played:

  • on my Android TV’s native player,
  • via MrMC on the Apple TV,
  • via the “Computers” app, using iTunes homesharing on the Apple TV.

Sending you the problematic file via PM.

Same behavior on my one. Creepy. The normal Apple TV (1080p) plays normal…

@James: Updated to newest version 5.6.4 and one thing is working now: by all HDR.ts files the TV now switches correctly to HDR.

Color mapping in the dark parts is not solved by now.

As 5.6.4 was submitted to Apple last week, it does not include any HDR related changes.

More news to come.

Another quick update!

We’ve identified 2 issues that are affecting some videos and TVs.

  1. For certain HDR videos, colors are not getting passed correctly. The effect of this is somewhat subtle, but it’s something we are in the process of fixing.
  2. The Apple TV is not correctly setting the HDR video flag required by some TVs. This is more of a bug/limitation in the current tvOS software, but we think we’ve found a way around this. Fix also in progress.

Thanks for your patience.

Great news. Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

Number 1 sounds interesting. I tried to photograph the difference between MrMC playback and infuse playback but was unable to capture it on camera. This sounds like it may fix the issue though

MrMC → https://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=73879163MR.jpg


blacks solarize - all files hdr 10 bits bt2020

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Same picture like this on my LG 55SJ800V!

Exactly what I’m seeing on my LG 65EF9500…

the problem hdr is present on all support hdr, I have a sony

Unfortunately NO improvement with version 5.6.6

Ok. Saw it in the suggestions. HDR will be fixed in 5.6.7.

I only have 5.6.5 and nothing in App Store updates and TestFlight.
Release notes say 5.6.5 only has minor fixes to In-App Purchases.

Posted by mistake

Infuse is now selecting the correct dynamic range. Version 5.6.6.
The picture is still very dark though, compared to Plex. They used to be the same (as the Plex one).

Infuse: https://ibb.co/fTigAR
Plex: https://ibb.co/mY4Sjm
Mediainfo: https://ibb.co/nH8yqR

My TV is a Samsung UE55KS8005

I hope this info can help.

5.6.7 (in progress)

Customize home favorite lists (iOS)
UI improvements for iPhone/iPad
Improved handling of HDR videos in certain cases
Improved HDR → SDR conversion
Many other improvements/fixes



I came across the HDR-Problem when using the ATV on my Sony VW760 projector. HDR is way to dark, no „punch“ in the highlights.
Very easy to see with the Sony HDR test charts derived from a Sony UHD-BD. Same problem when connecting the ATV on my 75XE9405 TV.

MrMC puts out the correct HDR levels.

Will this new infuse version be released soon?

Best wishes,