HDR not working right

I kinda hope the HDR fix will not be pushed back again. Any hopes of getting a release window for the fix? Will make the waiting less hard!

I hope it’s coming soon! Just checked it again properly by comparing a disc with the same movie in he Infuse app. The colors look washed out/dull and the luminance is not so great. I was almost considering buying a new tv, until I popped an UHD Blu-ray in the UHD Blu-ray player. Much brighter awesome colors and great luminance. The disc I have used for this comparison was Planet Earth 2. Amazing and eye popping on disc, a let down on the infuse app (UHD Remux file of the disc).

Will be a great year with the fix of HDR and the Plex integration. Hopefully Dolby Vision will also be enabled.

With the 5.6.7 release. We are definitely on the right track. Details are now visible
I’m tend to say that infuse is best. More color without too much contrast
Plex: https://ibb.co/mY4Sjm
Infuse: https://ibb.co/m9UStb


PS.And nice to see that infuse now detects DTS:X and Dolby Atmos soundtracks. Now we just have to wait on Apple :slight_smile:

No it’s not, the colors look washed out on my tv, compared to playing the same file on the in built media player of the OLED B6. Also the brightness is still dim in the Infuse app. I’ve played with the match dynamic range and match frame rate settings enabled and disabled, that did not help either.

I didn’t think they’d changed HDR processing for this release.

I wouldn’t get too wound up about any changes regarding HDR until Firecore releases the version with the HDR changes targeted. If someone has noticed a minor difference then great but the Infuse team has said they are targeting release 5.6.8 ( for now) for the major HDR changes. :wink:

Don’t forget you can see the current list of targets here Upcoming Features (updated 5/12/20)

We know that. But some of us are not all negative, and like to report positive feedback

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Any idea of when to expect this HDR update? Can’t wait for the Apple TV to be the perfect streamer with the Infuse app! I must say that SDR content with match settings enabled looks stunning!! I am using this app more and more over the Plex app.

Any news, improvement?

The suspense is killing me!!?

It has taken too much time for infuse team. it is really weird.
In the same conditions ( tvos, Apple), mrmc plays good or better with movies HDR.
How can it be possible?

The fix is supposed to be in the next iteration (5.6.8). I believe they had other more important fixes to take care of that affect a wider range of people (which is why the fix is in the next version, not the current one). Give it some time :wink: Right now UHD files with HDR still trigger HDR as they should and look pretty good (not as good as the could, but not horrible).

Maybe they are focusing on quality, which is good.

Then go use that and stop complaining. This is very complex matter. Fact that mrmc or whatever software looks better then the image infuse renders doesn’t mean it works better. HDR is a jungle. Most tv’s can’t even display a decent HDR image.

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Are you a policeman on the forum?
I say I am surprised in good faith. Otherwise, infuse is the reason I get apple tv.

Flashes his badge It’s just that people complain and complain. If they read the thread and comments one should know it is being worked on but it is not prioritized.

I don’t think that’s what James has said. It is prioritised but the fix is a little more work than expected so didn’t make the last release. As for how MrMC is making a better a job of HDR at the moment, I believe, based on comments by the MrMC developer, that infuse took a completely different approach to implementing HDR. For infuse to use that method, it might take a bit of a rewrite.

Another quick update.

We’ve made some great progress here, though it turned out we had to dive a bit deeper than we originally had planned. The good news is that the changes in this new approach have fully resolved the problematic files/devices that we had previously seen. We’re now working to clean up a few things to ensure everything works smoothly, and all edge cases are covered.

Even though this has taken a bit longer than we would have liked, the end result is going to be no compromises, perfect HDR for all files and devices.

Thanks again for your patience. :slight_smile:


Can’t wait!! Thank you for the hard work! This app is totally worth it. Do you by any chance have an ETA?

Soonish, and we’ll have more info after we address a few remaining items over the next week.