HDR not working right

We’re planning to have a beta with fixes included available this week, and then assuming no unexpected issues come up we’ll be submitting to Apple shortly thereafter.

Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:

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Hi James,

Thanks for all the hard work. How can we get in on the beta?


With respect to the HDR-level issues: Would it be helpful, when I supply a test file that contains HDR level ramps for your testings? I generated a little file that shows the different nit levels (derived from the Sony UHD test patterns).

This file easily showed me that there is something wrong with the Infuse HDR brightness levels (as compared to the result when playing the file via an UHD BD-player).

Let me know if I should dropbox it for you.

5.6.8 (in progress)

Improvements for HDR video …

… and 5.6.7?

You can check to see what features, additions, and bugs are planned for future versions in the first post of the tacked “Upcoming Features” thread in the “Suggestions” forum. Firecore keeps the first post in that thread current with planned goodies.

Same here hdr is much dimmer on my LG B6 using infuse compared to the MRMC app and on my Shield TV the colours are more brighter and vibrant. Hope for a fix soon. Thanks

Another quick update.

Our current implementation is running up against a few limitations within tvOS, and that is why issues in a few cases are present.

We’re currently working to implement a new playback path for HDR video, and once complete should resolve any and all HDR issues. This is still our top priority, and we’re working to have this available ASAP, likely in v5.6.8.

Thanks for your patience.

I have a Sony XE93 but I’m not noticing these problems, is it perhaps because all my content goes through a Denon AVR? Not that I’m complaining, just curious.

Thanks James ! I thought it was ok at first but then i watched the same film on mrmc app(Apple TV) and on plex (Using Shield TV) and it was noticeably a bit brighter for example street lights, lamps, the sun, anything emitting light. The colours popped out more.

Probably you do not know what to look for. I am using a XE94 and a VW760, and the problem is clearly visible on both.

Here is an HDR test file that helps to visualize the problem. Look at the HDR ramp from 100 to 1000 nits, the separation is very bad and not bright enough. Played on an UHD Blu-ray player, it looks perfect.

Ah thank you, I see it now. Only just got the Sony XE93 a few days ago and it was already so much brighter than my samsung ks7000. Plugged in the Nvidia Shield TV again and it is much better indeed. Do movies from the itunes store and netflix also have this problem on apple tv 4k or just infuse?

Regardless of the current HDR issues I just wanted to express my complete joy with Infuse. Just played a 4K HDR file of Blade Runner 2049. File is about 64GB running wirelessly over my network. Playback was smooth and the image was crisp as. If this is what it looks like with HDR issues I can’t wait for the fixed version. Amazing work.


It is only a temporary Infuse issue which that play plan to solve in version 5.6.8.
iTunes, Netflix and others render HDR (HDR10 and Dolby Vision) very well on Apple TV 4K.

… but for all players there ist still this problem that seems to be quite difficult to fix:

my infuse also does not take HDR, I’m compared the image of the Samsung player with infuse and in infuse it looks darker, when correct this?

Noticed too that HDR (UHD ISO or Remux file)is not working the same as playing a disc on my Samsung UHD Blu-ray player. The difference is night and day.

When is the ETA of the fix?

Are you using Infuse or also another player to play your UHD ISO or remuxes on the Apple TV?

Have a great day :slight_smile:

I am indeed only using the Infuse Pro app on the Apple TV 4K. I unfortunately don’t have a developer account. I am a home theater enthusiast and I noticed the difference between playing the same movie on disc or playing it’s equivalent on the Apple TV 4K.

Since I am a noob when it comes to technical details involving hdr, what should I ask to Apple?