HDR not working right

Difficult to say really, it’s not night and day, just something about how the image pops out the screen on the Panasonic. It takes on an almost 3D quality. I suspect it just has better more specific processing capabilities than the atv4k, but I’m just guessing; I’m not expert, I just know what I see :slight_smile:

I watched some more hdr on the infuse this eve and it def looks better than before on my LG b7 oled. Thanks again.

Oh man, thanks heaps James and Co. works and looks so good now :slight_smile: Colours are so much better and no more buffering lag from my Qnap! Watching Dunkirk at the moment with a JVC X9500 projector and cannot be happier. Awesome job guys.

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Now, playing LG video samples 4K HDR are perfect, problem solved.

But, still have the problem with some scenes with fog and open skies.
For example, the film Blade Runner 2049, minute 03:30, scene with fog has like waves.
I’ve recorded with my mobile, can you apreciate this?

I also noticed that, I think it’s the encoding of the movie itself.

But playing with LG Tv player from a usb disk, the image is perfect.

Same here. Go to 1h41mn into Blade Runner 2049 (outdoor Las Vegas scene) and it’s another awful experience.

TL;DR it’s an Apple TV issue. Choose “reset video settings” in the Apple TV’s audio and video settings, do not touch any video setting (except match dynamic range, which you can turn on) and you’ll get a perfect picture.

Long story:
The Apple TV 4K outputs 12-bit video whenever it can for HDR10 and some TVs do not handle it well, although the video format complies with the HDMI 2.0 spec and they advertise in their EDID that they support it.

  • 2160p24 (or p25 or p30) HDR10 video is always output as 12 bit.
  • 2160p60 or p50 HDR10 is output as 12 bit if you have at least once activated 4:2:2 chroma subsampling (until you reset video settings).

I thought this was only for some 2015 and 2016 TVs, but it seems your 2017 LG OLED has the same issue with 12-bit HDR10 video (unless it’s your receiver- have you tried without it?)

My TV being HDR10 only, I have the same issue with Blade Runner 2049 from the iTunes Store.
But you probably do not have it in Dolby Vision.
If you force the Apple TV’s output to HDR10, you will see the same issue in other apps such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. You can try for example episode 1 of Godless, around 32’25", where there is a blue sky.

This was also an issue for some UHD Blu-Ray players, and, after a petition, Panasonic introduced a 10 bit output mode for its players.
I filed a bug report with Apple, but unless more people complain, I see little chance that they solve it.

Attached is the characteristics of the Apple TV’s output in 2160p24 HDR10 (there is only one chroma subsampling setting in that resolution).
I made a more detailed post here Apple TV 4K - Strange video quality problem - #18 by jrmec.49364

IMWhizzle, what is your TV brand/model?

Wow, thanks for this information. I own a 2016 OLED B6 (55 inch). So if I reset the video settings and then turn on the match settings everything will be fine? Do I understand it correctly not to touch the chroma setting? Which chroma setting do you advise?

You have to try it! :slight_smile:
You can turn on match dynamic range but not match frame rate because 2160p24 HDR10 is always output at 12 bit.
And do not change the chroma subsampling setting (it should be 4:2:0 for 2160p60 or 2160p50 HDR10). And if you have set it to 4:2:2, reverting to 4:2:0 is not enough - you have to reset video settings!
Yes, these video settings are a total mess.

So reset the video settings and turn on match dynamic range. The rest off the settings must be untouched. Am I right? How will the tv handle motion settings while watching 24p content when HDR mode is engaged?

Ok, many thanks!

I’ll try when I get home tonight.

Yep you’re right.
Most recent TVs (including mine) detect 24p content even if the output format is 60p and display it correctly.
It appears the LG B6 is not the best at that though. You’ll have to try it. Yo can find some recommended settings in rtings’ review here LG B6 OLED Review (OLED55B6P, OLED65B6P) - RTINGS.com under “24p Playback”.
Also, things may have improved since their review thanks to firmware updates.

I do not have a Dolby Vision TV to try that, but it is also possible that if you set the video output to Dolby Vision, disable match dynamic range and enable frame rame matching it will work. (that is assuming that the issue is only with HDR10 output, and not with Dolby Vision output)

I have a LG B6 luckily I don’t get colour banding on hdr films(My Apple TV 4K settings are 4K 60fps SDR, chroma 444, Dynamic range ON, frame rate match ON)

I do have colour banding issues (wavey lines) for my Shield TV on hdr movies at 24fps however, that’s why i switched from the shield to Apple.

I’m not sure if this will work on the Apple TV but if you press the Focus button On then Off again on the LG remote see if that gets rid of those wavey lines, it works for my shield TV strangely. Does this happen with all films? It’s most noticeable when there’s a blue sky.

I already tried this, but it results in lip sync issues when Dolby Vision mode is engaged. Not only with infuse but also with the native Netflix app for example. Doesn’t matter what content I’m playing.

Pay attention! If you do that, you disable Dolby Vision in iTunes and the Movie will be played as HDR10. I also tried it out, and checked Playback Info in my Denon AV. At least it works for forcing 10Bit Output.

But interesting finding. As long Dolby Vision isn’t fixed in LG OLED, at least the movies can be watched as HDR10.

FYI, I have an LG B7 and ATV with chroma subsampling setting 4:2:2 and match frame rate ON and I do not see any waves or similar defects at 3:30min of Blade Runner 2049. Also at min 1h41m i do not see any particular defect.

Good. Is this with Dolby Vision or HDR10 output ? (which your TV can show)


I have some HDR calibration patterns on my computer, i have used them to check black level, contrast and other stuff through Infuse.

Before the bug with the line in the middle, i could see a big amount of the black level boxes in the pattern, when the bug came i could still see the most boxes.
Now when i have the new update, the pattern is really messed up and it just cuts the black boxes without any transition, before there was a graduation from 80 to 60 and it cuts slowly until below black at 60, now it cuts at 70 without any transition, so i cant even see near black levels, whatever i do with black level settings on the tv.

This pattern works perfectly if i put on a USB and play with the TV default video app. Something is wrong with Infuse and it cuts black color, before it gets to the “REAL” black 64 color.

Link to patterns: http://www.avsforum.com/forum/139-display-calibration/2943380-hdr10-test-patterns-set.html

Which of the patterns are you using?