HDR not working right

Unless firecore submitted the revised version to apple in the early part of this week, there is zero chance of it hitting the App Store in time for the weekend.

I think everyone needs to take a deep breath if I’m being honest. It has been stated that this is their priority issue but has proven to be a more complicated fix than had initially been thought. Given some of the responses on this thread, I dread to think what would happen if they put out a release which did not completely fix HDR for everyone. So, they’re just gonna have to take as long as it takes to get it sorted.

While you’re waiting, you could always try MrMC for HDR movies…I’m not convinced their solution is ‘accurate’ in any way shape or form but it should suit the ‘brighter is better’ brigade. Or maybe spend some time watching some films on iTunes. This really isn’t the end of the world.

Edit: I see the offensive post has been deleted so my reply is going to seem a little odd!


We’re super close!

So far, the beta feedback has been very positive, and we’ve just been working to address a few edge cases issues this week. Our current plan is to submit the release version of 5.6.8 to both Apple and beta testers tomorrow, and assuming no issues come up we anticipate being able to release this on the App Store on Monday.

I know everyone is looking forward to this release, and we appreciate your patience as we work to wrap things up.

Cheers! :smiley:


Thanks for the efforts and hard work! Since purchasing your app I didn’t even touch the Plex app anymore. Thank you so much for your hard work.

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That’s good news :slight_smile: I’ll leave the betas from now on but this program is definitely worth the money. Good job

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Pardon me if this has already been discussed but does this update include Dolby Vision? If not, what is the estimated timeline for it?

According to the upcoming features page, it is not. Upcoming Features (updated 5/12/20)
If it does not already exist, you could probably post something in the suggestions forum.

Done, thanks! Is there a beta tester sign up link?

5.6.8 has been submitted to Apple for review.

Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:


Awesome! Any change you could accept my beta application? Would really save the weekend for the family :wink:


I am patiently waiting for the HDR fix. I am even more patiently waiting for Apple and Infuse to support Dolby Atmos. That will be the perfect solution for me to play my UHD library. However, I now find a new combination: Shield TV + Kodi + MakeMKV (to convert UHD ISO to .mkv files). Now I can play 4K UHD bluray with HDR and Dolby Atmos or DTS-X. I am using more the ShieldTV solution now.

Remember you need to manually change video modes when changing between ultra HD rips and Blu Ray rips as the shield TV won’t switch colour spaces automatically.

5.6.8 is now available on the App Store! :smiley:


Yes, saw it thanks!

Great !

But still not working for me. HDR content still looks much darker than SDR files :frowning:
Happens on my Samsung HU7500 and on my Sony HW55ES projector…

Your tv is not fully HDR capable, even when you use an evolution kit (SEK-3500).

Yes i know that ! but i was hoping the HDR to SDR conversion to work right…so i can stay with smaller sized HDR files even if i watch them in SDR…

FWIW, things are looking pretty good here in our tests (the TV I personally end up using the most is a Sony XBR65X950B), and it appears Apple is working to improve HDR > SDR conversion even further for tvOS 11.3.

However, I wouldn’t recommend installing the current 11.3 beta at this point as HDR > SDR conversion is pretty broken.

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Or just download the 1080P/H265 versions. HDR to SDR conversion isn’t something you would want unless it was purely brightness (0-100Nits) you could just cut off the highlights. But converting P3 to BT709 is not something I trust Apple to do correctly, not on a 200 euro device :). There will always be image degradation.

Just downloaded the update for the ATV 4k and can confirm that the bar that was across the screen is now gone! FWIW I am also running TvOS 11.3 b2.