HDR not working right

Hi all,

While testing out auto-mode-switching in tvOS 11.2 in Infuse and MrMC, I found a possible issue with HDR content. I found that Infuse switched my TV to HDR, but it output an SDR image. In comparison, MrMC also switched the TV to HDR, but showed HDR output.

I tested the Life of Pi sample:

And the Digital Foundry Gran Turismo Sport sample:

Even with the Apple TV forced to 4k HDR, the Infuse HDR videos were washed out when compared to MrMC. They looked like the typical HDR → SDR conversion.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

I had the same problem. Infuse plays HDR video, which is much darker than a native player.
The video highlights are not bright enough……

Would you be able to snap a pic of how these videos are appearing on your TV?

With the TV set to HDR, Infuse will display HDR videos with full dynamic range. On SDR TVs, Infuse will smartly convert HDR to SDR and display the videos with a more limited range.

Video: 4K HDR10
Apple TV: tvOS 11.2
infuse pro 5.6.3

In fact TV native players and Apple TV native players have better contrast and dynamic range

Here’s mine, although they don’t show the issue very well. One odd thing is that when I took screenshots through Xcode, the Infuse pic looked closest to HDR, and the Mrmc one looked washed out ( opposite of what I see on the TV).

Tv is a Sony x900e

Hmm, I wonder if it’s related to some Sony-specific color setting/option.

Coincidentally, we have a 900e being delivered tomorrow, and will see if we can replicate this here.


I’ve a Sony BRAVIA KD-65X8500D 4K HDR (2016 Model), Apple TV 4K (tvOS 11.2) & Infuse Pro 5.6.3.

I tested a few of the 4K demos below from http://4kmedia.org/ and noticed that the colors for the Sony demos don’t look like 4K on Infuse.

When I played the same demos on Kodi on the same TV, the colors were bright & vibrant.

The funny thing is that when I played the demos from LG & Samsung, they looks ok on Infuse, bright & vibrant, not sure why.

Since your new Sony TV is arriving soon, maybe you can try out those few demos below.

By the way, my ATV settings are 4K HDR (60Hz), Chroma 4:2:2, both Match Dynamic Range & Match Frame Rate are ON.




Looking forward for your test James.
Have sony 65xe9005
Im not sure what to test, but can check for community also

Thanks all. Interesting to see these are all Sony models.

There is an Oppo 203 showing up today as well, which we can use to do some comparisons.

Hooray for new toys! :smiley:

Ho,a James. En un oled de 2016 (55c6) me pasa lo mismo. El HDR se ve mas oscuro que en el reproductor nativo de la tv.

I have the same problem with Infuse on a sony x9000e (asia/pacific version of the x90e) and ATV 4k (11.2)

Did some testing this morning too see what the playback differences were between Infuse, and my Sony UBP-X800 UHD player. Both the ATV4K and my UHD player go through a Denon x2300w to input3 on a Sony XBR-940E. The short answer is that the image that’s being delivered by infuse looks like the BR version instead of the UHD version. Photos taken with a handheld iphone 8 plus.

The first set is from The Shallows:
1536 is the UHD disc in the UHD player
1537 is the BR in the UHD player
1546 is the BR in the BR player
1547 is itunes UHD

The UHD version played by the UHD player shows much more individual highlighting on the waves, the rest of the images are close enough to each other to not have any real significant differences.

The second set is from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, Same playback devices except no itunes version available.

1538 is the UHD disc in the UHD player
1540 is the BR in the UHD player
1543 is the UHD rip in Infuse
1544 is the UHD rip in MrMC

The main differences here are two things, the richness of the amber colors, and the brighter highlights on the cheekbones, the throne, and the headdress in image 1538. As before, the other photos are similar enough that the small differences are negligible.

HDR is certainly being activated on my TV by Infuse and MrMC, however both Infuse and MrMC aren’t sending the HDR data to the TV. I’m going to get Kodi installed today to see if there’s any difference there.

Did some testing here on our new 900e, and are seeing similar results. It’s a little strange as it only seems to affect certain TV models.

We’re looking into a fix.

Thanks James!

Thanks robnix for testing so detailed.

I had similar experiences with my Sony KD-X75.
Surprisingly not visible on all HDR movies…
Perhaps a real Sony issue.
A fix would be great.

Hi, can confirm this issue with my Sony XD8305 (2016 model).
Same happens with auto-switch or HDR forced.

Hmmm…watched spiderman homecoming in 4k hdr tonight on my LG E6 OLED and thought that it all looked a bit muted. Switched over to MrMC when I was finished and it looked much more like I expected it to. Not sure If it’s infuse tonemapping differently or if it’s just a bug.

I have MrMC too but HDR switching is not working…by that the picture is brighter. Can anyone confirm that MrMC on TV4k is working right?

Definitely switching to SDR appropriately for me. I have my menu set at HDR

Hm, my standard setting is 4k SDR for the Apple 4k, so that I can see movies without HDR as normal as they are and if a HDR movies starts the 4k switch to HDR setting.
That’s working with Plex and infuse. MrMC don’t switch…

As you described your setting it could be that you are watching HDR over the MrMC with a wrong mapping