HDR not working on M1 Pro


Unfortunately the HDR does not work on my Macbook M1 Pro with Mateview HDR400 screen, whether the HDR is in auto or forced.

Of course I bought the subscription.

HDR works through other players.

Screen: left Infuse, right lINA


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Can you run that video through mediainfo and post the results here?

Here is

What does the pre-playback screen show? HDR or DV in the specs? Your pic looks like DV to me but that’s just me.

This ?

Does HDR work on the build-in display?

No, I just tried, no HDR content works with Infuse

Can you try one of the samples found at https://4kmedia.org to see if they work with your setup?

Unfortunately same results (extern and build-in display), I couldn’t test Dolby Vision with IIna but looks very gray with Infuse.

Files tested:

LG New York HDR UHD 4K Demo

LG Amaze Dolby Vision UHD 4K Demo

Which version of macOS are you using?

When testing the internal display, is the external display fully disconnected?

FWIW, I’m able to play all those samples in HDR here on an M1 MBP (internal display) with Infuse 7.5.6 and macOS 13.4.

I use Ventura 13.4 and yes the external display is fully disconnected.

Can you please take a picture or screenshot of an HDR rendering on your Mac with infuse?

Maybe I’m too used to HDR with a lot of brightness from IINA

IINA and Infuse look identical to me for HDR. DoVi works in Infuse, but plays with incorrect colors in IINA.

In both cases, the display is clearly switching as the video window appears bright and everything else is dim (as expected).

This MBP is using mostly all default settings, but here is what my display settings are currently set to.

iina hdr implementation is still broken and faulted, check their github.
Just play a youtube hdr video, if there’s hdr badge in the setting icon, then HDR is working.

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