HDR Movie, but AVR doesn’t support HDR?

Right now I have an Apple TV (non 4K), an AVR (4K ready, but not HDR) and a TV (4K HDR). To get HD Audio working I have to connect my Apple TV to my AVR, sine my TV wouldn’t pass the LPCM Multi-Channel signal to my AVR using the ARC.

I’m wondering about one scenario: If I would get the new Apple TV 4K and would play a 4K HDR movie (which my AVR doesn’t support), would I get washed out colors or is Infuse or the Apple TV itself able do “downscale” HDR to SDR? Otherwise I would have to buy a new AVR as well or would have to give up HD Audio until then, I guess. A plain 4K movie should work flawlessly of course…

You can force the Apple TV 4K to 4K SDR mode and get tonal mapping. Else the picture would be washed out or simply not pass depending on AVR. The Apple TV 4K may not even detect it as a valid HDR device as well and force SDR

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Thanks! I’ve already went to my local retail store and got a 4K AppleTV and everything is working great. HDR movies where just grey in the beginning, but that was because of iOS 11.1. So after updating to 11.2.6 it worked. One day I will upgrade my AVR as well (but not before Airplay 2 is out) and until then I’m happy to enjoy 4K already.

If you want to have HDR/Dolby vision video plus HD audio, another solution is HDFury’s AVRKey.
It has 1 HDMI input and 2 HDMI outputs:

  • 1 passthrough that supports HDR and Dolby Vision (for your TV)
  • 1 720p or 1080p with full audio (for your AVR).

You can also use their vertex but it is more expensive and you probably do not need the extra features.
(for information I am a happy vertex user)

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