HDR MKVs not Recognised anymore as HDR on ATV4K


since few days I encountered a problem with some of my MKV files!
They appeared before as HDR, it’s mean that inside Infuse 6 Pro they appeared on the presentation page with the HDR badge, play on my LG CX as HDR10 while connected to my Apple TV 4K…
But that was before (but before what?)! I don’t know if it came from the ATV or from Infuse.
But I also noticed recently that my Simplified Chinese Subtitles were not working properly since few weeks (not a problem for me but a real discomfort for my wife).

BTW, most of the files not working anymore are encoded as Planar 4:2:0 YUV 10-bit LE.

thank per advance for your prompt answer!

It may help if you provide the version numbers of both Infuse an tvOS to start with.

Have you checked the Match Content settings on the ATV and make sure you have the range set correctly? Also what do you have your Format under Video and Audio set to on the ATV?


The version numbers of Infuse Pro Is 6.5.2 (3282) an tvOS is 14.0.2 (18J411)

ATV4K set on Dolby Vision 50Hz + Match Dynamic Range Activated + Match Frame Rate Activated.

my files are MKV (Matroska Video), HEVC (H.265), 23.97, Planar 4:2:0, BT.2020 and TrueHD Audio 48000 Hz 32Bps.

P.S.: I move some of my files in a temporary folder and I my surprise some, once moved into this new folder, regain the HDR capability!!! Definitely a proof that might be a bug somewhere between Apple and FireCore updates!