HDR MKV Content Appears Darker in Infuse Than Elsewhere

I’m having a small issue where my MKV UHD Bluray remuxes play smooth and fine in Infuse but are overall slightly darker than if I play the same content directly in Plex (direct play), VLC, etc. This is all on the Apple TV 4K (2021).

It does not appear specific to any films but rather all content that is playing in HDR when using Infuse. If I play the same content on the same device outside of Infuse, HDR kicks in but the content isn’t as dark. I’ve also compared the brightness to the same films from other sources and it appears playing in Infuse is the only one that appears different.

This isn’t a huge deal but I can’t tell if this is how it’s supposed to look or not since it looks different elsewhere. I am running the latest tvOS and the latest version of infuse.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Can you confirm that Dolby vision is not turning on with the other sources (plex)? Do you have Match Dynamic Range turned on?

Also I’m assuming this is a tv that supports HDR, but if not let us know. Infuse has its own HDR to SDR mapping which will be different from other sources.

Also as infuse releases are regular and TvOS is releasing soon it is best to put the exact versions.

Thanks for the response!

Yes, I can confirm Dolby Vision is not turning on in these cases - just HDR. I do have Match Dynamic Range turned on and the tv supports both HDR and Dolby Vision, an LG OLED65C7P. Both the HDR and Dolby Vision appear to look fine as far as color, contrast, etc. It’s just slightly darker in Infuse than elsewhere. Colors aren’t blown out or anything. I can reproduce this with multiple files (all Bluray UHD Remuxes) so it doesn’t appear to be file dependent as far as I can tell.

I’m running tvOS 14.7 and infuse Pro v7.1.3 (3830)

Thanks for your help!

  • also, for the record, it’s not dramatically darker, but something I’ve noticed. I know this isn’t a great example but here are screenshots. Infuse is the first one.

Can this be caused by the fact that Infuse sends the wrong HDR metadata when playing HDR-MKVs?

This is a known problem and can obviously not be fixed easily.