HDR metadata not correct, replaced by standard values


Thanks! The file is in HDR and both Apple TV and Oppo are outputting HDR. I cannot really test the Samsung video on my Oppo, since it doesn’t have a YouTube player.

I did some further tests using Aquaman, also UHD with HDR and using scenes with a lot of contrast (high brights and low darks), and could not find any visual difference whatsoever when switching from Infuse/AppleTV to my Oppo. Could it have to do with my display? I have a Sony OLED. I understood that OLED’s are particularly prone to this issue, but I cannot see any difference. A couple more screenshots below.

Apple TV:


Hi Joanyb,

Thanks for your test, very useful.

As you said, oled should be more sensitive to this issue with maxcll/maxfll. Anyway, each brand mane the tone mappinf in a diferent way, Sony usuaally clip the hijgs and focus in reproduce goog blacks.
In your case, if the issue is noticiable, would be more noticiable in highlights than dark scenes.

it seems from your test that the diference is not really a big deal, even a little one. But if you want to be totally sure, try with scene with a lot of white or bright colours.

Regards and thank so much for your help. You have a great stuff to do this test.

Any news on this? My LG B8 OLED use these values for tone mapping.

Yes, big issue with LG OLED TVs…

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I found a sample, that triggers the maxCLL / maxFALL (1015/241) on the latest 14.5 beta!
Please check: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ahh4FiB9hIuT8T8uCQDbHO_Hr30u?e=oYTZGm
With Plex, still 4000/1000.

I found the difference with my HDfury Integral 2:

When Infuse sends the correct metadata:

When sends 4000/1000:
MTR: BT2020 D65

@james Can you implement this feature when the SMPTE ST 2086 mastering display color volume SEI info represents BT.2020? About 99% of movies of this type.


I don’t understand this properly… Is the maxCLL/maxFALL 4000/1000 fixed now?


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I suppose let’s wait till after next week when tvOS 14.5 is officially released

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No, only when mastering display SEI info represents DCI-P3. This is specified as a string when encoding with x265, which is parsed when the stream header SEI are emitted.
More info: [link]
I hope @james will look into this.

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Doesn’t the beta, pre-release give an indication?

installed the new TVOS 14.5 on my ATV 4k.
In the Netflix and Apple TV+ App I get individual HDR metadata in different movie streams.
In Infuse Pro (latest) I have always the 4000/1000 values in local HDR 4k mkv files.


We have known this so far. Try my sample with Infuse.

Your link gave me:

You knew this also for the final 14.5 version?
My answer was refering to

I suppose let’s wait till after next week when tvOS 14.5 is officially released

In terms of metadata the official 14.5 is same as beta.
I uploaded the sample to gdrive too: [link]

We plan to look more into this (IE if anything has changed in tvOS 14.5) after the release of Infuse 7.



I think a fix is quite important e.g. for users of JVC projectors, which rely on correct HDR metadata for a proper dynamic tone mapping.

Would be rather helpful, if could look into that soon.

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This is pretty sloppy stuff on Apple’s part, I’m surprised it hasn’t gotten more publicity. They have no business debuting new hardware when something as basic as this in tvOS is still broken.