HDR markings in metadata

Is there a way to know what codec (HEVC, H264) colorspace (709, 2020) or HDR (HDR10, SDR, DV) in the meta data?

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To be honest, displaying this kind of information is child’s play, and I just can’t understand why Infuse can only tell you only the VERY basic resolution details about a file, other than that is what they dictate you need, and no more.

There is even a pull down menu system already in place for various settings, so just how impossible would it be to have a detailed file/media information option in the pull down menu. Infuse is a little too basic in its options, controls and approach to user interaction, and goes down the (Apple) road of assuming the user is a dumb asshat who should not care about anything other than a play button, and shiny colours to look at.

Even Netflix and YouTube (Firecore, this is something you should take inspiration from) have taken the time to build advanced file/stream statistics overlays in to their apps, so someone must want and use these features that we are told don’t matter, and only a tiny minority want. I simply beg to differ, and don’t appreciate being treated like an Apple loving asshat who is so stupid that I can’t possibly understand what I want, and that I’m wrong because it differs from what I’m being force fed.

This information is already in the metadata which infuse collects, so it would take the office intern about an hour tops to code this. A skilled programmer, 15 mins.

But this Plex stuff seems to have taken over the development somewhat. Maybe after the heat from Plex has cooled down, they might find some time to integrate some basic (no doubt listed as advanced) user controls and information displays for the not so dumb paying customers.

There are so many basic features that a good media player should have, but are still missing from Infuse… Yep, I’m going to be an arrogant ass and post my top 13 missing basic features…

1.) Full file information and statistics.
2.) Show a new key frame every second or two while fast forwarding or rewinding.
3.) Ability to alter Colour/Contrast/Brightness/Gamma/Sharpness, and for it to be remembered globally and on a per file basis.
4.) Background App Refresh support.
5.) Ability to refresh thumbnails to get the latest version.
6.) Slow motion/trick play options.
7.) Ability to take a screen capture and add it to iCloud.
8.) Multi User Account Access. (Custom Infuse Interface per user, Ability to create a child safe account.)
9.) Ability to reorganise the icons on the new home screen.
10.) Ability to upload your Metadata to iCloud - Never have to wait hours for a library rescan to finish again!
11.) Bult-in Test Patterns for SDR/HDR/Audio Sync.
12.) Ability to adjust audio synchronisation globally and per file.
13.) Ability to adjust individual audio channel volume, or at least the option to boost the dialogue channel.


+1 this info would be good to know the type of media I am playing.

+1 great suggestion

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Thanks !



This would be a very useful addition.

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I would also really like to see this feature implemented. It also seems like a very minor feature in terms of coding time, but really important to me. My TV is HDR10 compatible but not Dolby Vision compatible (thanks to all those incompatibilities maker…). I would like to know why do I find this particular movie dark and contrast less… Knowing the exact details about the metadata is important to people. Please Don’t underestimate it.




Any news about this? Thanks!


+1 Very much needed.

Definitely, please add an HDR badge to the detail page. It is maddening not having that confirmation or anyway to be certain that my encodes are properly doing HDR. Thanks.