HDR Content Flashing on 7.7.1 on XDR Display MacBook

HDR content has a brightness jump/blink problem that feels like a brightness peak change in a short time such as a blink of eye, it happens every 90 seconds to 2 minutes, sometimes it reappears in about 60 seconds, sometimes 2.5 minutes, have tested it over multiple HDR files to eliminate coincidences that might be corrupted files or sth, it should be a problem with 7.7.1 I suppose.

Normal SDR content does not suffer from this. Willing to provide diagnosis or log to assist on fitting out the causes.

Just to be clear that it’s not the same issue mentioned here.

If you can send in a report if/when this happens again (and post the code here) that could be helpful.

If you are able to send in a sample file which exhibits this issue, that could also be helpful.

Yeah, I know it’s hard to grasp without any form of log, but it’s not crash or sth similar, but when I clicked ‘Email us’ on Infuse Mac, I was taken to outlook mail with nothing attached but sth like ‘Diagnostics: QZ1V1’ in the email body. Is that supposed to be the log ‘file’? Besides, the file I was watching is Oppenheimer, which is 81GB

That’s the code you should post here in the beta forum when you encounter a problem.

More about the files I have noticed the same issue: Westworld Season 4 , and I havnot noticed this issue when I was watching westworld season 3.

You can just download any episode of season 4, my guesses are it’s sth you have changed in 7.7.1, cause I did not notice that issue when I was on 7.7. I also tried to record a video with my phone, just to see if it captures when I see, but no luck, cheap camera on phone is just not good enough to do that.

So the actual diagnostic file is uploaded to firecore’s server and left a referring code?

Follow up:
Since I take regular Time Machine backups, I rolled Infuse back to 7.7, and 7.6.7, the problem still exists, which concludes (sort of) it most likely to be a bug brought by the recent macOS update in early Feb that caused this issue.
There’s indeed one way to further point out it’s macOS should be blamed, which is to roll back to macOS 14.3 or earlier, which is sth I cannot do (go so many things changed since then).

Correction after some digging that, I thought the problem is related to pure HDR content, but it does not seem to be the case. I wasn’t experiencing this issue on Westworld season 1-3 because they are all pure HDR format files, but season 4 is in DV(profile 8) and there’s a problem with playing DV with infuse. I turned off the Extended Dolby Vision, but the problem never appeared. To verify my conduction, I set it to Auto (default) and Limited, the flashing/blinking issue reappeared, have tried multiple times on different DV movies.

I thought it was the prob with macOS 14.3.1/14.3, it does not seem to be the cause, I have friends who’s on 14.3 and 14.2 also seem to have the same issues util they set Extended Dolby Vision to off.

I’m experiencing the same issues starting in the last couple of days with some new media. I tried disabling Extended Dolby Vision as @EnderW mentioned above and that seems to fix the problem for now. If I can provide more info or do some testing, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help.

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