Hdr color error

After testing out infuse on ipad I decided to order a appletv 4k. Started up despicable me 3 hdr and the movie looked good but I thought the minions looked strange. When compared to the hdr version playing on my it clearly looks wrong.
I took pictures of hdr infuse, hdr LG media player in oled c7 TV and a sdr bluray in infuse.
225800.jpg is infuse playing hdr
225825.jpg is my oled TV playing the same file
230633.jpg is infuse playing the sdr bluray

Diagnose code 1C9GE

Ps. Do you have calibration equipment to measure output?




Added a screenshot from the minions playing in hdr in infuse. My guess is the color is off here as well, although I do not have an sdr version to check. I would have to remux to view it with the lg media player. Also have to add that when playing with infuse that hdr seems dimmer then when i use the tv’s player. In this particular movie the illumination logo looks alot dimmer using infuse.

Screenshot from despicable me 3 playing on infuse on ipad pro (non hdr version). So it also appears in the hdr to sdr conversion

As far as as I understand, HDR and SDR versions are graded differently and it is normal that colors appear a bit different in both versions.

But, a long as you use the same HDR version (no Dolby Vision), the colors should be the same when using your TV’s player and Infuse.

Since your TV is Dolby Vision capable, it is possible that the Apple TV does some (weird) HDR10 to Dolby Vision conversion.

Have you tried setting the Apple TV’s video output to HDR instead of Dolby Vision (and turned off automatic dynamic range matching)? This would remove any conversion, and Infuse would basically output the HDR video untouched, with its HDR10 metadata to the TV.

Apple tv is set to 4k sdr. It works correctly Dolby Vision is not triggered by the apple TV. It does switch to hdr10. I know sdr and hdr look different. But not this much. Also hdr playing on TV media player looks correct.
I do know a thing or two about tv’s and their signals. :slight_smile:

We’re looking into a few HDR issues that are affecting some content/screen combos.

More info can be found in this thread.

I just found out I have similar issues - some images are rendered very wrong, and posted in the thread James mentioned.
It was probably there before, but I guess some content makes it more visible (and some viewers have better eyes or knowledge - I could not see what was wrong with your minions!)

Well if you look at how the LG oled renders it and you compare it to the bluray then clearly the hdr running on infuse lacks color. Of course hdr has a wider color pallette, but they won’t create huge differences if only to avoid confusion amongst consumers. They need to be able to identify with the brand. Minions in this case, which can’t look drastically different then advertised.
If you look at the pictures I included you should be able to see a clear difference between infuse rendering hdr and the LG TV itself rendering the content.
I just have to decide if I keep the appletv, because now hdr content won’t even play without stutters. If I find a solution to that I can keep it and do some measurements of infuse running hdr patterns and compare that to a reference source.

I just posted an update in the thread linked below, so please continue the conversation there.

I am going to lock this thread for now.