HDR BT2020 to SDR 709 ATV4K

My projector tends to be a lot more stable if I use SDR. It’s been in the theater for a few years now and getting a new one could happen.

It supports HDR and I guess I could make a separate memory and play back videos in HDR.

However, … to me unchecking the Match Dynamic Range seems to matrix the HDR of my files well into SDR.

For example, I send HDR from my panasonic player as SDR/BT2020 and the results from sending HDR out of ATV4K as SDR 709 looks as good to me.

Looking for input … Does anyone leave Match Dynamic Range off on the ATV4K… As a bit of a purist it seems wrong but seens to work very well for my partuclar projector.

If there was one group of settings that always worked there would be far less options to change. :wink:

If it works for you and for your current equipment then use these settings and enjoy!

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