HDR Black crushed (again)


I’ve test the matrosca hdr black bars and there is some issue


With VLC

Sorry for the reflect on image :sweat_smile:

Old thread with same issue

Could you help ?


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@james you are on the topic ? :raised_hands:t2:

The tag changed to “researching” so they are looking into it. :wink:

Can you post a link to the greyscale file so that others can test? I downloaded a different HDR file and it seemed fine.

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Here is the link to test the file


With this file only the bars up to 2.7% / 88 are flashing. Should they flash till 0.5% / 68 ?

So I played your file also with MrMC app on my Apple TV and this is the same bad result.

For reference I played this Youtube Video on the internal app: Black Clipping Part 02 ~ 4K UHD HDR 10 Wide Color Gamut Calibration - YouTube

In this test I can see flashing till 68 as it should be I suppose.

So, Apple TV tvOS has a bug or your file is buggy. Unfortunately I have no other test file which I could play via Infuse. But I watched a lot of HDR content lately with Infuse and I would say it looked like it should…

I’ve made more tests

Maybe i’ve confuse with Dolby Vision content too dark on my TV, cause i’ve test HDR10 content and it look as it should on Infuse.


Masciola hdr test video pattern are not working, maybe issue with tvOS 16.1 or Infuse.


Any help on this topic. I’m nearly sure that the issue was not there on tvOS 15.X.
I’ve try with other HDR black clipping and it’s the same. ( HDR10 test patterns set | AVS Forum MEHANIK)

@James any help ?


@Scwheeler which HDR black clipping file are you using ?