HDR badges inconsistently displayed

This is a sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t thing. About half the time, starting a 4K HDR file, it doesn’t flash the HDR badge to let me know that it is indeed showing HDR. This happens on files that show that badge if I use the Plex app, so I know it’s not a bad remux or something. It doesn’t look bad, it pretty much looks like it should, meaning that it may well be doing what it’s supposed to, with the exception of displaying the badge. But it distracts me because I’m wondering if I’m getting the HDR and a proper picture.

My setup is Windows 7 PC w/ i7 16 gig RAM as Plex server, hardwired to Apple TV 4K which is plugged directly to a TCL 65R615.

The Apple TV shows the HDR and Dolby Vision tags in Netflix, so I don’t think it’s an HDMI issue. Anyone else have this? TIA.

Are they 1080p HDR files? I’ve experienced similar issues and infuse team is investigating.

No, they are 2160p.

Update: I can confirm that it is not just the badge being displayed, Infuse is playing my 4K stuff in SDR. This is confirmed by pressing the * key on my TCL Roku TV remote to bring up the onscreen settings. When playing an HDR file, it shows “Dark HDR” as the preset. Last night when the badge wasn’t showing, the settings showed “Movie Mode.”

What I was trying to watch last night did play in HDR in Plex, but not with subtitles.

To confirm you have match content and match frame rate set to on?

Yes, and it works as it should for Netflix and Plex.

Is this happening with all your HDR videos, or just a few of them?

Would you mind sending in a quick report so we can look into this?