HDR badge missing


I have a few HDR videos which are played correctly in HDR, but the HDR badge is everywhere missing.
I thought 6.4 should show up that HDR badge, or not??

“Clearing All Metadata” fixed the problem for me.

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It will only add it as you add new items, or clear metadata of the library. You can do it on a movie by movie basis as well by edit metadata. The problem is it would have to scan all items and read their specs which takes some time and generally most people have fewer 4K/hdr than other things.

Thank you for the fast help, that worked!


Question wihen i clear the metadata will all the covers i had to change manually because the movie was not recognized in the first place be gone again ? because that was a lot of work…approx 350 titles

@james Can you confirm what happens here?

Better rename the movies so that they will be recognized automatically. Not that hard.

If you clear all metadata you will lose any manually corrections, as Infuse will scan everything fresh.

However, 350 seems like a lot of mismatched items. Can you provide a few examples of how these files are named? Maybe there is a common naming structure we are missing.

its lots of german movies and also the way I named them is probably the reason but i had this collection way before i switched to infuse and if I have to do this all over again i will rather do a manual read for each movie i watch to get that HDR badge showing up…my metadata is showing 4 GB…last week i had like 100 movies showing no covers anymore although they were still there the night before…took me 2 hours to fix this again…have still not figured out why this happened i dont wanna do this again…lol

You could save the cover image for each movie in their movie folder than infuse takes automatically those images.

I cleared all metadata and let Infuse re-scan everything and my HDR badges are still not showing up. I can confirm the files play in HDR.

Do you have plex? You made have to analyze videos first

I am not using Plex, all my media comes from a SMB server straight to Infuse.

Then your best option is what James suggested above. You may want to provide the info he requested to see what else may be possible.

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