HDR automatic ?


Today, i played an h265-HDR10bits file while using an Apple TV 4K with “60hz HDR” enabled.

The picture quality was great.

I then tried to play the same file but using “60hz SDR” mode.
I was expected a grayed-dashed out quality.

Instead i got the same great quality ? How is that even possible since the apple tv wasnt HDR enabled.

Best regards.


Infuse does tone mapping to convert HDR to SDR.

Does this mean that infuse show content with HDR enabled even if HDR is disabled in AppleTV Settings ?

Do you have the Match Content options enabled?

If so, Infuse will be able to switch the Apple TV video output to match the video being played.

If these are disabled, and you have the Apple TV set to SDR, Infuse is able to tone map the HDR colors so they appear correctly in SDR.