HDMI TV output disable iPad screen?

If I output a video from my iPad Air (iOS 7.0.4 and the Apple lightning-to-HDMI adapter) to my TV, will the screen on the iPad be turned off while the content plays on the TV, like it does in the native Apple iOS video app?  Or will the iPad’s screen remain on, thus draining the battery quicker?

Also, while outputting video to my TV via HDMI cable, does the iPad need to stay on?  If I turn off the iPad screen while a video is playing on my TV via HDMI cable, does the app stop working?  That is the way most other video players work.  I want to see if Infuse is able to solve this major problem.




Yes, Infuse will continue to play video via HDMI or AirPlay even if the iPad is put into sleep mode. :slight_smile:

Does this ability to hold true for non-native, non-quicktime files such as MKV with subtitles or videos with AC3 audio?  All the other players I’ve tried require the iPad screen to remain on when outputting MKV (or any non-native quicktime) content to the TV via the TV-out HDMI cable.  Their customer service told me the iPad must stay on while processing and outputting MKV files to the TV.  You’re telling me you guys solved this huge problem?

Sorry for the confusion. Right now the iPad will need to be left on to play non-native formats when streamed over HDMI, but we’re looking into ways around this.

What about mismatches?  If the MKV video is h264 (native video format) but the audio is AC3 (non-native audio format), will this require the iPad to stay on when streamed over HDMI?  Also, will the use of external (e.g. srt) subtitles cause the same problem, requiring the iPad to stay on whilst streaming over HDMI?


That would cound as non-native, unfortunately.

However, if you were to stream these files via AirPlay the iPad could be put to sleep.