HDMI output to full TV screen


I have Infuse Pro on the iPad 10.5 inch.

I was just wondering, if I plug a lightning to HDMI adapter from the iPad into a TV for mirroring, will Infuse be able to use the entire TV screen to play a 16:9 video? Or will it only show up within a 4:3 box on the TV due to the iPad’s screen resolution?

Also, if this does work, will it show up in full 1080 resolution? (or 4K for 4K TVs)?

I’m just wondering as if it works, I’d like to pick up a lightning to HDMI adapter for this purpose…


While browsing you’ll see the native iPad screen resolution (mirroring) but Infuse will automatically adjust to 16x9 when an actual movie is played.

As far as I’m aware, Apple’s current Lightning to HDMI adapter is limited to 1080p. They would need to release a new model in order for 4K to be supported via HDMI.

Thanks James, that’s exactly what I was looking to hear!