HDMI output and iOS 11.1.2


Infuse 5.6.2 fixed the issues other people reported with HDMI-adapter output.

But then I updated iOS to 11.1.2 and now Infuse 5.6.2 only mirrors iPad outout to HDMI.
Also when I tap to config icon (gear) during video playback, the dialog box
no longer gives me a choice of video resoltions (1080p, etc).

I’m using an iPad Air 2.


Can you provide a bit more info on what you are seeing when playing a video over HDMI?

Is Infuse not filling the screen, or are you just missing the resolution option?

The picture is not filling the TV screen.

It’s definitely mirroring the iPad screen because
my soft-home button is enabled and it appears on the TV too.
(General > Accessibility → AssistiveTouch)

I believe it has something to do with initialization.

This sequence mirrors the iPad screen:

  • insert HDMI adapter
  • start Infuse
  • play a video

While Infuse is running, I can get proper HDMI output
by continuing with either of these sequences:


  • remove and reinsert HDMI adapter
  • press Infuse “Done” and then play



  • press Infuse “Done”
  • remove and reinsert HDMI adapter
  • press Infuse play

Is this still an issue for you in 5.6.3 which was released on Friday?

You might also try updating to iOS 11.2 to see if that helps.

Good news.
The combination of iOS 11.2 and Infuse 5.6.3 have HDMI running great for me.

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Great! Thanks for following up.

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