Hdmi cec

Would love some basic hdmi cec support



Thinking about:

when turbine om Apple tv. Flatscreen switches to right source and turns on

When shutdown appletv. Shutdown tv.

Zap through channels with apple remote. In combination with volume. Then 99% of the time the apple remote would do

Or tv volume only via apple remote


I was looking for Apple TV teardown videos to know if pin 13 is connected but I can’t find an answer.

If it is only a software limit I see in aTV flash the natural solution.

In the meantime, pleas ask to Apple too the HDMI CEC support.


Done :slight_smile:

Done too

Submit feedback: http://www.apple.com/feedback/appletv.html

Any news on this?

I would really like to have this feature, I’m getting tired of switching the remotes every time…