HDMI and USB cable simultaneously connected ...


I tried to connect my micro USB cable simultaneously with the HDMI cable and there is no room for both.  How would an external hard disk be connected to my Apple TV if it is not possible ?




Robert Lespérance

I am not sure that ATV2 will ever be able to support an external hard disk!   At the moment ATV2 can only be a USB client - to support a hard disk it would need to be capable of acting as a USB host.   However I guess that does not mean that someone will not produce the required software to allow ATV2 to act as a host.

I have both the USB and HDMI connected simultaneously.    The plugs were too thick to fit initially, so I had to shave a bit off the plastic surround on each plug to make it fit.

I supose that coders would have already done that if atv2 usb controler could become host.



I must admit that I do not know if USB host support is a hardware or purely a software feature.    If it caa be done purely in software then I am sure that at some point USB host support would appear but I am not holding my breather for it.