HDHomeRun support


Since Infuse is already our go-to app for video entertainment, it would be great to be able to watch LIVE channels alongside our movies.

Please make it happen and support HDHomeRun devices (Consumer - SiliconDust).

Your exquisite interface would improve a lot the experience of watching local TV.

Their official app doesn’t support Apple TV in a native way (they recommend “AirPlay Mirroring”): https://firecore.com/sites/default/files/upload/homerun_support.png

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After becoming a nearly true cord cutter a few years ago when satellite and cable were eliminated (had to keep internet :wink: ) and a OTA antenna installed I would also be very interested in having the ability to have infuse be the interface for OTA programing. Then I could also get rid of another remote.

Ask Silicon Dust to make an app for TVOS like they did for android tv. They should put effort into their own products, which are dead end IMO. I have 2 primes laying around unused for years now.

There are third-party apps for HDHomeRun. It would be great to have Infuse quality app.

Firecore is no joke, with Firecore you can arrange your house around it.

The math or effort doesnt make sense for HDhomeruns anymore. Just sign up for PSVUE or Google TV. Cloud DVR, works on any device, no extra clutter or complexity of DRM’d cable video feeds that HDHomeruns have to deal with. Oh, works on on Apple TV no fuss.

I beg to differ, none of the services you listed offer all of my local OTA channels by a long shot. Google TV seems to be in the process of being discontinued, and again, I don’t have access to cable and satellite is not an option. Even the primaries are questionable on the net services. I can always get them all via antenna even when the internet service is out. Some networks like CBS are starting to charge extra for net access and having a way to distribute OTA via the current media set up with infuse would be a big plus.

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Yeah except I don’t get the locals. HDHomeRun Quatro mixed with DTVN Beta is pretty great and I still save about $70 a month this way.


Wow! Such an American-centered approach…

Europe’s DVB-T is having a good time. PSVUE is not available in Poland. Google TV is not available in Poland. I’m almost 100% sure that it’s similar for all our neighbours: Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Russia. And some Scandinavian countries as well.

yes but it is true. I think the future is end of FTA TV and cloud based video and dvr

You won’t see the end of OTA TV in the U.S. until minimal internet access is free to all. FEMA and NOAA rely on OTA to reach all in cases of emergency. It’s the only true wireless long range signal available to just about everywhere without relying on repeaters or cell towers.
I don’t see OTA ending any time soon.

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Uh, I live in metro Chicago 20mis from a tower with zero reception without a large attic/exterior antenna. No reception.

ATSC 3.0 is “optional” adoption to content broadcasters. Its also IP based meaning OTA is not required, there is internet delivery built in. ATSC 3.0 also puts a sun set of ATSC 1.0 OTA of 5 years. Just because FCC has ATSC 3.0 around, doesnt mean there is content blitzing OTA. There are only two requirements for OTA, children’s programming and emergency messaging. Broadcasters are not required to broadcast anything else if they choose OTA.

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And you won’t see the end of OTA TV in Poland as well. It will probably die out much much later, as most of tech here.

The only reason my HDHomerun Prime is “laying around” is that it is for Cablecard use only, and I decided to drop Comcast/Xfinity last year… My HDHomerun Connect Duo, however is not laying around, as it is in use 24/7 receiving 67 local free OTA channels. If I could have My Live TV integrated into Infuse, (like Plexpass users can do with Plex), my media management would be much easier. I sure wouldn’t say HDHomerun products are dead, not even the Prime device.

HDHomerun has always made public their path for development, and Apple TV was not high on that list, but, it is one of the next goals to be addressed. In the last few weeks they released support for DRM protected CableCard content using Prime on iOS and Android/Android TV certified devices, which was actually a big deal. They are expected to release support for DRM content recording using their subscription service 3rd quarter 2018, and a TVOS app before end of 1st quarter 2019.


HDHomerun has added a subscription Premium TV Service, to their HDHomerun devices. The ability to add all of that content into Infuse would be amazing.

They seem very open to working with developers wanting to integrate their product. They hired a great guy from the early Kodi platform days, who is active on their support forums, you may remember him as “CordcutterNate”. I would love to see this happen.

More and more people are cutting the cord. For these users there is a solution called HDHomerun. With this solution one can use the synology as a DVR and a client like Plex. Plex is already supporting this. Would be great if Infuse can join the camp too.


Not sure what would be entailed but I’d be for it too. I’ve dumped cable and satellite both and now have a monster OTA antenna.

Wonder if it’d just be adding the file format for homerun.

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I would like to see hdhomerun support as well.

Actually, streaming will increase the use of antennas IMHO. Maybe I cut the cord and sign up for Disney and say discovery. Neither gets me locals, so, my option is… antenna! Local networks are losing customers as people cut the cord (and for me, the cord includes the outrageously expensive streaming services out there). It is to their advantage to keep antenna access.

Somewhere around 40% of US households have an antenna. That’s a huge market. Yes, there are efforts like Stirr and Pluto, but those services are weak at best, and still don’t carry many local stations if any.

You are right, antenna doesn’t reach every household in the US. Me, I am 70 miles away, just got bigger antenna, all is fine.

It is true that those who adopt ATSC 3 only have to carry ATSC 1 for 5 years, but that’s ok, I’ll need a new tuner, sure.

My understanding is this. 3.0 is currently not mandatory. However, it is expected that one day 3.0 will become mandatory. Until it does, it is still mandatory to carry 1.0, and will be until 5 years after 3.0 becomes mandatory. It will be decades before any antenna sunsetting, if then.

HDHomerun support would finally make Infuse the Plex killer. OTA is the only reason I still use Plex. I like to watch the local news and some other things. Plus I was surprised when I put an antenna in my attic and set it up, I get like 70 channels on the locals. There’s all kinds of things to watch.

I’d like to do everything with Infuse but still go back to Plex for OTA and DVR.

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